New York Jets mock draft
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There happens to be an NFL rumor floating around that involves the New York Jets being willing to part ways with several top players. According to Kimberly Jones of Newsday, she is hearing that they may be willing to part ways with cornerback Darrelle Revis and defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson. [embedit snippet=”jon-ads”] A lot of this is coming from general manager Mike Maccagnan, who has been sending mixed signals on both of their futures with the team. In regards to Revis, it seems that when Revis made the comments to Newsday about his body breaking down and that he is old may not have sat right with the Jets front office. He isn’t wrong about being old as he turned 31 over the summer, but you shouldn’t say that out loud to the media. As of this writing, there is no reasoning to why the New York Jets would be willing to part ways with Sheldon Richardson. My hunch is that this is all a reaction to how poor they are playing on the field this season and how there has been a lot of outside interfering that may have caused some of the problems. If the Jets are serious about parting ways with players, I could see there being more people out of a job with the Jets by the end of the season. In regards to Revis, he has been in the NFL for a few seasons as he has spent time with the Jets and Patriots. Overall, while it is never fun to see people lose their job, I feel this may be the right move as it shows that the Jets are willing to cut players to try and get better. I am aware that this isn’t the first time they have tried to get better, but they truly need to try and get better sooner.

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