SEATTLE- The Seattle Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson have not reached a contract extension. Will the Seahawks cut ties with their Super Bowl winning quarterback?

Wilson became the youngest quarterback to win the Super Bowl after the Seahawks thrashed the Denver Broncos two years ago. He had a chance to lead the team to back to back Super Bowl wins but lost to the New England Patriots 28-24.

Jason La Confora of CBS Sports claimed that Wilson will start the season still on his rookie contract. So far, La Confora’s prediction is true.

It is important to keep in mind that Wilson lead the Seahawks to last year’s Super Bowl without Golden Tate and Percy Harvin (Harvin was traded to the New York Jets).

Chances are Wilson will be paid as an elite quarterback. He could sign a contract worth $15-20 million a year. How much should he get paid? What are the salaries of Super Bowl winning quarterbacks that fans first think of?

Top 5 Super Bowl winning quarterback contracts- Active quarterbacks

1. Green bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers makes the most money of any NFL quarterback with his five-year, $ 110,000,000 with $54,000,000 guaranteed.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger makes $21,850,000 a year on a 4- year, $87,400,000 deal with $60,750,000 guaranteed.

3. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco makes $20,100,000 on a six-year, $120,600,000 deal with $29,000,000 guaranteed.

4. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees makes $20,000,000 a year on a five-year, $100,000,000 deal.

5. Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning makes $17,000,000 a year on a two-year, $34,000,000 deal.

The fact that Wilson has only three NFL Seasons and won a Super Bowl while nearly winning back to back titles is the top reason he should be paid like an elite quarterback. His career stats are mind-blowing as he passed for 9,950 yards and 72 touchdowns. He threw 26 interceptions but that number is easily dismissed when one takes into account that 10 of those interceptions were thrown in his rookie year in 2012.

His stats could improve since he hasn’t entered the prime of his career. The Seahawks will most likely extend Wilson’s contract at some point. He should be paid slightly more than Aaron Rodgers. His stats aren’t as glamorous as Rodger’s just yet but they will be at some point.


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