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Super Bowl LI may have started off as a blowout, but it ended as one of the greatest games in the history of the NFL. After 51 years, fans finally got to see the final game of the football season go into overtime. After starting the game with a 28-3 lead, the Atlanta Falcons choked it away, leading to a fifth Super Bowl victory in the career of Tom Brady, as the New England Patriots emerged victorious. If you are a fan of the NFL, today comes as a bittersweet kind of day. Yes, you just witnessed a great game that resulted in one of the best comebacks of all-time, but it also marked the end of the season. That means no more football for the foreseeable future. But if you are an overall sports fan, have no fear. As any true sports fan knows, the end of one season is simply the start of another. The football season may be over now, but college basketball is about to kick into high gear. On top of that, we are just over a week away from pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training to get the MLB season underway! [Kenny] First, let’s take a look at college basketball. With February here, conference play has been going on for some time. After a few more weeks of play, conference tournaments will be here. And we know how crucial those are. The next few weeks will see teams positioning themselves for better seeding in those tourneys, as they will give everyone a chance at earning that crucial NCAA Tournament bid. This college basketball season has surely been a fun one, as there is plenty of competition. There have been upsets left and right this season and the number one ranking has changed hands multiple times. The Gonzaga Bulldogs have clearly made a statement so far this season, but even though they are considered the best right now, a lot can change before the Tourney. Teams like Villanova, Kansas, Baylor and Arizona will are all considered legitimate threats for the title this season. On top of that, one can never count out the likes of Kentucky and Duke, even if they do not look like the true powerhouses we are used to seeing. It is this type of uncertainty that makes the NCAA basketball season so fun. The tourney will be an open race with no clear cut favorite. So sit back and enjoy the next few months of some action packed college basketball action. In addition to that, MLB will be returning this month too. Spring Training will be starting in Florida and Arizona in the coming weeks. This will merely be the appetizer of the baseball fun. From here we will get plenty of fantasy baseball fun. That fantasy fun will ultimately lead to the start of the regular season, which will then kick off a long Summer of baseball goodness. So if you are sad that football is over following the Patriots victory, fear not! There will be plenty of sports action to keep things entertaining in the coming months. The NCAA Tourney plus baseball equals some serious enjoyment for sports fans. And that is without me even bringing up the NHL playoffs, which are always entertaining as well. So while we may not see Tom Brady slinging touchdowns until late 2017, we will have Mike Trout slugging homers and countless college programs duking it out to reign supreme in the best tournament in the world.

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