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NFL: The Top 10 Most Die Hard Fan Bases (Photo)

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By Allison James

Which NFL team has the most die-hard fans? We set out to discover the NFL teams with the most loyal followers.

Using criteria of the tangible and intangible variety, a panel set out to determine which teams have the most loyal supporters and the least number of band wagon fans. Metrics included average home game attendance, season ticket waiting lists, pre-season attendance, number of sellout games, turnout in losing seasons, crowd noise, merchandise sales, team value, and social following.

Denver has become a city of transplants and converted Broncos fans but the team’s real fans will travel through any blizzard in order to see their squad. Will an average attendance of 76,774 and a Mile High Stadium capacity of 76,125 take them to the top?

With the highest average attendance in 2016 (92,539) and 5 Super Bowl rings, it’s safe to say America’s team has a dedicated fan base. The Cowboys’ fan base is massive. Even if you were to tell the bandwagoners to kick rocks, you would be left with a group of die-hards that would pack in the 100k capacity AT&T Stadium several times over. But is that enough for them win the number one spot?

Seattle’s fan base is so loyal (and loud!) that they’ve earned themselves the title of “12th Man”. Affectionately known as the “Legion of Boom”, the highest decibel level reached in CenturyLink Field 137.6 dbA. Can the 12th man cheer themselves into the top 10?

We can’t forget the dedicated Dawg Pound. Through nine consecutive losing seasons, endless last minute blunders, and one heartless departure, Cleveland fans stay loyal. The fans cling to the team’s rich history and believe, wholeheartedly, that the best really is yet to come. Don’t. Stop. Believelanding.

Did your home team make the list? Who will be crowned the supreme rulers of NFL fandom? Here’s a look at The Most Die-Hard NFL Fan Bases.

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