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NFL Trade Rumors: New York Giants Lone Team Standing for Joe Thomas

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The NFL Trade Deadline is upon us at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday and the New York Giants are currently on the clock.

They have reported interest in Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas, whose been a cornerstone of the franchise for over a decade, but with the team at 0-8 right now in the 2016 season, aren’t going anywhere as far as a playoff push goes and Thomas would benefit a team like the Giants who are in contention in the NFC.

Thomas was nearly dealt a year ago to the Denver Broncos, but a deal couldn’t be worked out and Thomas remained in Cleveland. The Browns have reportedly asked for at least a second round pick, although it’s not clear if that is the case because sources have said that a deal remains tough because of Cleveland’s demands; a draft pick, plus the remainder of Thomas’ $8-plus million a year salary.

So the Giants have to make a choice; do they surrender the draft pick; which could be a second round pick, although if the Giants had a choice, they’d want to give up a lower-round pick for a veteran player considering they’d have to inherit the salary on his deal as well; or do they try to go as-is for the remainder of the season with the offensive line they have currently; which may or may not hold up.

As a left tackle, Thomas is not only better than what the Giants have on the roster, but is still one of the best tackles in the entire NFL and has shown no signs of slowing down despite being over 30. His presence alone would give the Giants a massive boost on the offensive line and help for a potential playoff run in the second half, as he would help keep Eli Manning upright and could help the Giants in the running game; something they’ve struggled with all year long.

With teams like the Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings out of the way, it paves the way for the Giants as the only team in the running for him with regards to a potential trade, but the Giants have to decide if they want to pull the trigger and make the deal on one of their draft picks.

Most would say yes considering his talent level and what he can offer the Giants on the offensive line, but it all depends on how much the Giants value their draft picks and what the Browns want in return for him.

On paper though, Thomas is an instant upgrade who would help the Giants tremendously and if they have the chance to pull the trigger on a deal, they should consider doing it.

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