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NFL Week 1 Predictions

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The 2016-17 NFL season kicks off Thursday night and we have your official NFL Week 1 predictions.

How will the Patriots fare without Brady? Will Newton and the Panthers succumb to the Broncos defense for a second straight game and how will rookie Carson Wentz look in his Eagles début? So many questions but the true joy will come in the answers.

Panthers vs Broncos

The Panthers and Broncos meet in the SB rematch but these are two different teams now. Key players have either retired or returned. The Panthers must find a way to pass the ball on the Broncos secondary and the Broncos will need to control the Panthers ground attack. Prediction: Panthers 17- Broncos 10

Buccaneers vs Falcons

The Falcons are looking to rebound after two disappointing seasons. The Bucs are looking to take a step towards the playoffs. Can the Bucs secondary contain the speedy Julio Jones and will the Falcons be able to contain the resurgence of Doug Martin? Prediction: Bucs 24- Falcons 14

Vikings vs Titans

The game of two careers looking for a reboot. DeMarco Murray gets a new chance with the Titans and Sam Bradford gets a rebound opportunity with the Vikings. If Murray can run on the Vikings front seven it will give Mariota time to pick the secondary apart. Bradford has his most talented team around him now but the main focus is still Adrian Peterson. Prediction: Vikings 24- Titans 10

Browns vs Eagles

The new era begins in both Cleveland and Philadelphia. The Eagles will look to their QB of the future in Carson Wentz while the Browns will reach back for a promising talent in RG3. If RG3 can get into a rhythm against the Eagles secondary this could be a great game. The focus will be on Wentz and how he handles pressure. Prediction: Eagles 20- Browns 17

Bengals vs Jets

The Jets have their QB situation under control now as they face a stingy defense in the Bengals. Will A.J. Green have his way against Revis and will Matt Forte be able to exploit the middle of the field to open lanes for Marshall and Decker? Prediction: Bengals 24- Jets 20

Raiders vs Saints

The Raiders are ready to make that leap into the contender discussion while the Saints have an unhappy Brees to deal with. Derek Carr should have plenty of success against the Saints secondary but how invested will Brees be if he doesn’t receive a new deal by Sunday? Prediction: Raiders 30- Saints 14

Chargers vs Chiefs

There was a time when this would be a must see the game but with the Chargers receiving core depleted this will be more of a one-sided affair. The Chiefs are hoping they can muster up some sort of passing attack in case Charles goes on one of his sidelines rest periods. Prediction: Chiefs 20 Chargers 10

Bills vs Ravens

Will Bills fans finally get to see the real LeSean McCoy? The Ravens are a team the could surprise as much as disappoint. If Flacco can get production for his receivers this could be an exciting game. Predictions: Bills 14- Ravens 10

Bears vs Texans

The Texans are starting over again, new running game and new QB but they still have that tough defense. The Bears will go as far as Cutler takes them and lately that has been nowhere. Prediction: Texans 17- Bears7

Packers vs Jaguars

The Packers are healthy and ready to attack. The Jags are young and talented and looking to make a name for themselves. This could very well turn into the first shootout of the season as both teams have offenses that can get up and down the field. Prediction: Jags 30- Packers 27 (Upset)

Dolphins vs Seahawks

The Dolphins are hoping that new RB Arian Foster can provide the stability, leadership, and production that is needed for the Dolphins to contend this season. Their first game will be a test right off the bat. The Seahawks defense is still one of the NFL’s top units and will look to pressure Tannehill into mistakes. Russell Wilson will look to build on his runner-up MVP campaign last season. Prediction: Seahawks 28- Dolphins 14

Giants vs Cowboys

What has happened to the once-mighty NFC East division? The Giants are hoping a healthy defense and Victor Curz could be the missing pieces to a division title and more but the Cowboys, on the other hand, have possibly moved into a new era. With Romo out the ball will be given to rookie Dak Prescott. Look for a close game as two rivals clash to start the year. Prediction: Cowboys 21- Giants 14

Lions vs Colts

No Megatron, no real offense, and the defense has taken too many departures over the years to be taken seriously. Could anther 0-16 season be in the makings? The Colts must be wondering what Andrew Luck will they get this season. The Colts should be able to take care of the Lions with ease in Week 1. Prediction: Colts 24- Lions 7

Patriots vs Cardinals

What many don’t realize is that the Patriots have one of the top defenses in the league so four games without Brady may not be as bad as some may think. The Cardinals will be looking to erase the bad taste out their mouths from the playoffs and with the offense in high gear, this could be a great matchup. New started Jimmy Garoppolo will have his hands full against the Cards secondary. Prediction: Cardinal 24- Patriots 17

Steelers vs Redskins

The Redskins are looking for a good start to the season and a win over the Steelers will provide solid proof they are to be taken seriously. The Steelers will be without Bell but Williams proved to be a valuable backup option last season. Can Cousins get on track against the Steelers secondary? Prediction: Steelers 30-  Redskins 20

Rams vs 49ers

The Rams are now in Los Angeles, the 49ers are run by Chip Kelly, how a year changes things. Goff will hold a clipboard and as he watches Case Keenum takes away his reps but the 49ers will make Keenum look like Brady. Kelly will have a long season ahead fo him. Predictions: Rams 24- 49ers 7

Well, that’s it for Week 1, everyone, see you next week.

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