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NFL: Which Cinderella Team Will Get Their Ring From Prince Lombardi?

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Regardless of who you are, I feel there is a general consensus that everyone will root for the underdog if your NFL team is not particularly participating in any sporting event. So this year while we all may think that our team will win the Super Bowl, there are teams and fans who have never had the joy of celebrating or even saying at least my team has won a Super Bowl, which those teams are listed below:

Philadelphia Eagles
Minnesota Vikings
Tennessee Titans
San Diego Chargers
Cincinnati Bengals
Jacksonville Jaguars
Detroit Lions
Cleveland Browns
Houston Texans
Carolina Panthers
Buffalo Bills
Atlanta Falcons
Arizona Cardinals

While not every team has a chance this year, I will tell you the team that has the highest possibility, in my opinion, this year, and that is the Tennessee Titans. While I won’t go into depth and great detail into why just know that the front office has blessed the team with great pieces. With a great draft and picking up key players in free agency, all is set for Marcus Mariota to manage the game from the huddle. Along with playing in arguably one of the weakest and most inconsistent divisions in the league, with a young, hungry Titans team, they could easily make a deep run into the playoffs and potentially win the Super Bowl. The Titans have actually made the Super Bowl once before and lost in a heart breaking one-yard short pass.

We all may not have the same teams that we want in the Super Bowl, or that we actually know will win the Super Bowl, but I would like to know who you think out of this group of teams who have never won a Super Bowl, have the best chance to win the first ring and trophy from Lombardi! Left us know in the comment section below and share with your friends to see what they think!

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