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NHL News: Dallas Stars To Host 2018 NHL Entry Draft

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Dallas Stars To Host 2018 NHL Draft As Awarded By NHL

Yesterday, at the Reunion Tower, the Dallas Stars were made aware of some major news. The National Hockey League reported that the city of Dallas will host the 2018 NHL Entry Draft. The benefits of the Draft in Dallas will benefit the city, the young players, and fans alike.

While the three parties above will benefit greatly from the draft being held in Dallas, the city itself may benefit the most. With the coming of a major event like this, the city will be bustling with hockey fans and tourists. And for those that don’t know what all Dallas has to offer, tourists will get exposed to some historic locations, and even some sports history.

Fans will also be exposed to some “real” southern barbecue and shopping, which seems to be a big attraction for anyone visiting. Not only that, but young players will be exposed to a place where some of the all-time greats in hockey played.

The Dallas Stars have a very good history of success in hockey. Jere Lehtinen, multi-time Selke Trophy winner, played a full career here and left a major impression in the hearts of hockey fans. Mike Modano, the all-time leading American born points scorer also played for the Dallas Stars. Both of which won a Stanley Cup title here. With names such as those representing the Dallas Stars, hockey has grown significantly in north Texas.

For the city of Dallas, the Dallas Morning News reports that the draft being held in Dallas means $14 million could be injected into the Dallas economy. With the draft in Dallas, that can also be taken as a sign of respect.

Larger cities such as New York City usually are picked because of their rich history and success. Dallas being picked to host the NHL draft is the ultimate nod of respect. Not only does it mean the sport in the city is rising, but it means Dallas is slowly becoming a multi-sport market.

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