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NXT Takeover: Predictions and preview for Brooklyn

This Saturday, Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York will be hosting another NXT Takeover. Last year, they sold out the Barclays Center in a matter of minutes and put on a great show. What will be interesting to see this year is can the NXT superstars can perform better than the main roster.

Here are the matches and how I see it playing it out:

  1. Ember Moon (Debut) vs. Bille Kay: A few weeks ago, there was a vignette that started to air about Ember Moon making her debut on August 20th. She signed back in 2015 and while she was on the independent wrestling scene she was known as Athena. While Bille Kay has been coming up the ranks in the recent weeks, I see Ember Moon getting the win in her debut on TV. I see her getting pushed real quick.
  2. No Way Jose vs. Austin Aries- A few weeks ago, Austin Aries turned heel on No Way Jose after an in-ring segment. Austin Aries walked into General Manager William Regal’s office and demanded a match for the Takeover special. I see No Way Jose getting the win here as I see Austin Aries being part of the next group of call-ups to the main roster.
  3. The Revival vs. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT Tag Titles: I talked about this in an article last week, and I will go into a bit more. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, here is the link ( 5 things to watch NXT and Summerslam). I see Gargano and Ciampa taking the titles off of the Revival as they there is no viable teams to lead the tag division right now in NXT. I know there are the Authors of Pain and TM-61, but they are still too green to get the belts on them. The Revival have done wonders for the NXT Tag division, but they need some fresh people with the belts.
  4. Andrade Almas vs. Bobby Roode (Debut): Bobby Roode made his TV debut back at the beginning of August to cut a promo. This match became known as of last week when Almas won his match and Roode came out to tell him about their Takeover event. While Andrade Almas has yet to lose a game since he made his debut at the June NXT Takeover, I see Roode grabbing the win in his debut in-ring competition.
  5. Asuka vs. Bayley for the NXT Woman’s Championship: Asuka won the belt originally at NXT Takeover in Dallas. While it would be good for Bayley to win and recapture the belt, I don’t see that happening. Like Austin Aries, I see Bayley being part of the next call-ups in the fall. I see Asuka retaining, and I could see Ember Moon being her next feud. I know you don’t see a newbie getting pushed that fast, there are no other women on the NXT roster who can hold the belt.
  6. Samoa Joe vs. Nakamura for the NXT Title: This is one match I am looking forward to this big time as these two wrestlers can put on a great match if they are given enough time. I see Nakamura getting the win as I see Samoa Joe also being in the next call-ups. If they are given enough time, this could be a great match and a match of the night candidate

My prediction for the next NXT Takeover that I figure will be sometime in the Fall or the Winter; I see Nakamura vs. Bobby Roode for the NXT Title. I am curious to see how this show does being that it will be the first NXT Takeover Special that will happen WWE post-draft.

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