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Oakland Raiders: Why not Derek Carr for NFL MVP?


November 23, 2016

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The Oakland Raiders are Super Bowl contenders no matter what critics wish to throw their way. Media hounds and fans have no respect for teams outside of Dallas or New England. Why the Raiders are left out baffles me, but no worries they have my vote.

Throughout the season, the focus has been on the stellar play of Dak Prescott and the return of Tom Brady but, in the midst of all that chatter is the reason for the Raiders hot start. Derek Carr has been outstanding while leading his team to an 8-2 mark. He has completed 255 passes for 2800 yards, 20 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions. He may not have the gunslinging status of Drew Brees or Matt Ryan but neither of them has his winning percentage either.

Ask Aaron Rodgers what he would love to have, the yards or the wins?

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Carr is not at the bottom of the list, he ranks 6th is passing yards, 5th in completions, 5th in TD’s, 6th in passer rating and 10th in completion percentage. His numbers are up there with the veterans, but so is Prescott’s. What sets them apart, in my opinion, is game management and the “cool under pressure” vibe that he gives his team. Carr has led the Raiders to 4 game winning drives and 4 comeback wins. This is the essence of a leader. An MVP.

Not to take anything away from the other candidates but what Carr has done with the young crop is more impressive than anything Prescott, Brady or Ryan has done. Ryan has a veteran in Julio Jones, Brady has help from all sorts of veteran weapons and believes it or not so does Prescott. Ezekiel Elliot is the only young stud outside of Prescott. Carr has done his damage with the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs breathing down his neck on a weekly basis.

You can continue to ignore their record, but you cannot ignore what Carr has accomplished. Keep your eyes focused on Prescott, Elliott, and Brady, while Carr sneaks up and steals the MVP award.

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