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Ohio State Buckeyes: QB Cardale Jones Needs To Stay Another Year

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The next 48 hours in the life of Cardale Jones will swiftly effect the next 24 years of his life. The deadline for him to declare for the NFL draft is roughly a day away and there are no signs pointing either way on his decision.

It is almost certain that some NFL team will take a flyer on the 3 game phenomena in this April’s NFL draft. But is the sample size of three games enough for NFL scouts to properly assess how good of a player he is and can be?

This reporter does not believe so. We must remember that Jones was third string for a reason earlier this past summer for a good reason.

I’m not going to argue that he played great in the 3 biggest games he could have possibly played in. He showed poise, incredible arm strength and the ability to lead comebacks.
With the small exception of a bad couple of minute to start the second half Monday night against Oregon, he has been smart with the ball.

The problem is, he had an incredible running game in all 3 efforts, and he threw a lot of passes that could have been easily intercepted if it wasn’t for the receivers making some incredible catches. Right now, everyone is in this euphoria because the Buckeyes won the National Championship against all odds, and I agree with that. However, everyone needs to remember
that it was also a perfect storm as the three teams we defeated had little to no game tape on him.

A very small sample size and he was able to use it. If he turns pro, he will either sit on the bench for a couple of years, or the extreme opposite, be rushed into competition much too soon.

I want to see this young man succeed badly, I truly do. I’m sure the money of the NFL for a new father is hard to pass up. I’m positive the spotlight and fame of playing in the NFL is hard to pass up as well. My fear remains if he goes to the pro’s too soon

The chances of him becoming the next JaMarcus Russell, a guy with a ton of arm strength but NFL flame out, is much more likely than the chances of him becoming the next Dante Culpepper.

The former Viking quarterback who had a solid career until injury cut it short. It is all but certain that three-year starting quarterback Braxton Miller will transfer to either Florida State or LSU as rumored.

If Jones stays put, he can platoon with JT Barrett and compete for back to back National Championships next year. Las Vegas already has the Buckeyes as 6-2 favorites to win it all.

Only time will tell if a jump to the NFL is the right move, or if staying put is what is best for his future career as a professional.
If he leaves now, he will get picked in the 4th or 5th round. If he stays, he can be a top 5 pick and multi millionaire in the 2016 NFL draft.

Either way, Cardale Jones and his “3 Games to Glory” run had been exceptional and I wish him the best.

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