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You remember your first roommate in college, or having to share a space with? You know, that person that you had to count on to pay their share of the rent and bills? Ever remember the first time you living with someone who wasn’t your significant other?

With summer now here, and an excuse to be lazy and soak in some air conditioning, one series that takes you back to those days of living with roommates or complete strangers is the web-based comedy show, “Living with Strangers”, per the show’s official website, “Living With Strangers” follows the lives of Casey, a free-spirit, Lynn the “b*&^h next door”, Roger the lazy stoner, Nick the fashion forward metro, and Nancy the awkward-as-f%&k aspiring film director.

“Living With Strangers” highlights various issues by following young college-age adults attempting to navigate life in New York. Call if ‘Friends’ 2.0 with a modern-day Millennial twist.

The journey begins when Nancy leaves her hometown of Portland, OR to attend graduate film school and responds to Casey’s obscure roommates wanted ad. Nancy finds out some very interesting things about her new roommates and they find out some interesting things about her.

Played by Los Cabos, Mexico native Mariana Flores, Nancy, a half-Filipino half-Mexican from Portland, Oregon, is smart and witty, but comes across as the virtuous quiet one.

Flores, who moved to Los Angeles at 19 to pursue an acting career and enrolled at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting, is one of the main stars of “Living With Strangers” and one to watch as a promising actress in Hollywood.

Although her training began in theater, she found film being more entertaining, through the course of time she became interested in directing, writing and producing and had her first short film called “Gabriel” being accepted at the short film corner in Cannes where she also plays the lead role.

Mariana has appeared on the TV-show called “Chance” where she worked with Hugh Laurie, Ginger Gonzaga and Ethan Suplee. She recently traveled to several film festivals around the US trough a feature film called “Eleven Hundred to Lubbock”, where she plays the role of “Elena”.

The film won Best Movie and Best Director at the Broad Humor 2018, the Stubbornly Independent Award at the Tallgrass Film Festival 2018 and got accepted at the Dallas International Film Festival 2018, San Antonio Film Festival 2018, Long Beach Indie International Film Festival 2018.

She has done several short films and complied quite an interesting film resume in roles in “The Dishwasher” where she plays “Filipita” was selected for the official selection in the San Diego Film Festival 2018, Bend Film Festival 2018, Mammoth Film Festival 2019, and Festival Sayulita 2019.

“Carmen” where she brings to life the role of Carmen a Mexican hairstylist that is struggling to get money to support herself and her family this short was also selected for the Long Beach Indie International Film Festival 2017.

So if you’re in the mood to reminisce about those days of living with a roommate, “Living With Strangers” may do just the trick—one calamity at a time.

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