You are probably already familiar with the career of Paul Dano. The 31-year-old actor has quite the catalog of films on his resume. His most recent film, Swiss Army Man, is about to hit theaters, and it might be his most unique project to date.

Swiss Army Man tells the story of a man trapped in the wilderness who forms a friendship with a dead body on a journey to get back home. It’s quite the interesting plot, and it has already received praise from festivals such as Sundance.

Dano is no stranger to receiving rave reviews from critics and film festivals. He was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for his preformance as Brian Wilson in the Beach Boys biopic, Love and Mercy. Although, that’s not the only notable praise Dano has received.

Over the years, Dano has appeared in numerous other high profile films that have garnered him serious acclaim from critics. He has twice been nominated for a Screw Actors Guild Award. While both nominations were awarded to best cast, Dano was no doubt a major factor in their success.

Perhaps Dano’s superb acting ability came from his early days on Broadway. The actor preformed in thr stage play, Inherit the Wind, at the age of 12. Dano also made numerous television appearances at a young age, being featured in shows such as Smart Guy and The Sopranos.

Over the course of his career, Dano has been in a slew of different films. Some of his projects come from the independent scene such as Little Miss Sunshine, L.I.E., and The Extra Man. He’s also quite accomplished as a mainstream actor as well with films that include Looper, Cowboys and Aliens, and Prisoners.

Many haven’t been exposed to Paul Dano. That’s a real shame, because he is one talented actor. It’s pretty easy to see why he has accomplished so much in such a short time.

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