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On The Rise: ‘Thor’s Jaimie Alexander Set To Shine in ‘Blind Spot’

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NBC has been on quite a roll with its prime time programming. The network has benefited most from its 10 p.m. slot on Monday nights. With the popular singing competition, The Voice, serving as a lead-in, ABC’s most talked about show, The Blacklist, established itself as one of cable television most enthralling hours of television.

With the Blacklist proving it can perform exceptionally well on its own, ABC is looking to recapture some of that Voice magic with another new potential network tentpole, Blindspot.

The show’s female lead, Jaimie Alexander, shouldn’t be a new name to those who follow along with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Greenville, South Carolina native plays Lady Sif in the popular Thor franchise. In addition, Alexander has also played the same role in ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

To those that aren’t up to date with Marvel’s offerings, Jaimie Alexander might be less recognizable. Her film history might not be quite extensive, but she does have some notable performances throughout her career.

The 31-year-old starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2013 action film, The Last Stand. More recently, Alexander had a four episode arc on HBO’s The Brink.

Alexander took up acting as a young child, participating in numerous classes focusing on the art. Unfortunately, her later years in high school didn’t go as planned. She was kicked out of her theater program because she couldn’t sing. It wasn’t until an encounter with a scouting agency at the age of 17 that she came to the conscious decision to take up acting once again.

While Alexander has been relatively successful with other projects, it’s her role as Lady Sif in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has done the most for her career. She was in her mid-20’s at the time of the original Thor, and it served as  the catapult for her current success.

While being a superhero certainly had its perks, sometimes you need to branch out and expand your acting resume.That’s why Blindspot is integral to Alexander’s career. It offers her a chance to break free from the Marvel world.

While she is still slated to appear in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, Alexander now has the opportunity to step away from the supporting superhero role,  and focus on becoming a lead Hollywood actress.

You have to applaud Jamie Alexander for her decision to star in Blindspot. The show is refreshing and unlike anything on television. It’s the perfect role for an up and coming Hollywood starlet that wants to distance herself from the pack.

NBC does indeed have another hit on their hands. But they also have a young, fresh face in Alexander whose best years are still ahead of her.

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