JACKSONVILLE, FL – With fallout from the recent video of Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer with a woman that was not his wife making the rounds on social media, it is imperative that owner Shad Khan fire the former Ohio State and Florida head coach immediately.

To all of my many friends, fellow writers, journalists and Northeast Ohio ex-pats living down in Florida, we have all seen this horror story before regarding our fellow Ohioan who was bornin Toledo, played at Cincinnati and had head coaching stops at Bowling Green, Utah, Florida and our beloved Buckeyes down in Columbus.

While Meyer has shown the inane ability to recruit with the best of them, develop young adolescents into men and produce NFL stars, there have been whispers about his tendencies to win at all costs, even if it means looking the other way.

It would take me all day to pull up the long list of receipts of recruiting violations, player misconduct, sexual assaults and other off-the-field incidents that have happened under Meyer’s watch.

From Gainesville to Columbus, Meyer’s list of scandals and humiliating players to preaching his “culture” to the likes of Aaron Hernandez, Carlos Hyde, Brandon Spikes, all while ignoring and enabling 31 players down at Florida to go Grand Theft Auto in getting arrested, speaks for itself.

Under his watch, Meyer put a who’s who of NFL stars and Super Bowl champions such as Percy Harvin along with Tim Tebow, Alex Smith, Joey and Nick Bosa, Ezekiel Elliott into the league, at a cost that clearly is too high for many.

We should have known better after seeing Meyer get hired by the Jaguars that things were not going to go well down in Duval, when he hired the controversial and racist former Iowa strength and conditioning coach, Chris Doyle and that he was having former Clemson RB Travis Etienne take snaps at WR, that he was in over his head in the NFL.

While we all know that he has expressed interest in coaching in the pro’s, Meyer is an egotistical power-hungry control freak who craves absolute power and control, and in the NFL, he can’t “recruit” the best players, nor intimidate grown paid professionals, who can just block him out.

So much for the former Ohio State professor of “Character and Leadership”, huh?

It’s no secret that he chose to come to Jacksonville in hopes of molding—and possibly ruining Trevor Lawrence—and while he is doing a good job at that, in his head, he’s already checked out and is planning his next exit—I mean “heart attack”—where he falls upward into the waiting laps of USC.

0-4 and his always omnipotent ego getting more fragile by the second in the non-stop NFL, the man many down in SEC Nation still deride as Urban Liar, is proving to be incompetent, self-serving, selfish and worst of all unreliable. From issuing weak apologies to his own players for his own actions to letting some random Insta-thot wannabe to grind up against in a bar, while his own wife was at home, the optics of Meyer’s night out in C-Bus are horrible, unsalvageable and the damning final evidence of what many of us already knew about him.

Meyer is a traitor. He cannot be trusted. he cannot call himself a real man. He has no right to ask professionals to follow him any further after his latest transgression of stupidity.

Perhaps he’s self-sabotaging himself out of Jacksonville, or is finally realizing that he can’t hack it on Sundays, but hypothetically speaking, if he pulled this kinda of stunt in some bar in Venice Beach or in Santa Monica, USC would fire his ass tomorrow.

Los Angeles is NOT Gainesville or Columbus, and being under the microscope of the second-largest media capital of the world in a town that only cheers winners (Lakers, Dodgers, USC–and sometimes UCLA) is no bueno.

Meyer is soft. He’s softer and pastier than mayonnaise and in terms of coaching flops, it takes a special kind of person to make Bobby Petrino and Chip Kelly look like Knute Rockne.

Meyer may think that he can hang with the likes of USC’s powerful alums and supporters such as Will Farrell and Snoop Dogg, but he looking like a straight simp right now.

Perhaps if he can somehow salvage what remaining dignity he has left, Meyer should do the right thing and resign due to “personal reasons” and fix what is left of his marriage, and pick up what’s left of his manhood and go away someplace out of the public eye, because clearly he has failed in Jacksonville, failed his players, failed his wife and most of all failed the men that put their bodies on the line every Sunday following his bullshit brand of “leadership” and quack-level culture that he brought with him.

Both parties would be better off, and no one else will have to suffer through this farrago any further.

The ball is in your court, Mr. Khan.


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