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Opinion: The Problem with America is Accountability and people like Kathy Griffin

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This article all stemmed from the latest of nonsense incidents involving Kathy Griffin. Regardless of how you feel about the POTUS she did what she did. The great thing about America is she has every right to do it because of freedom of speech. I don’t have a problem with it. I have a problem with what has happened today. Griffin got up there and said that Donald Trump is the reason she did this and it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. This has been a consistent problem in the US. If you do something and don’t like the backlash own up to your mistake and take accountability for your actions.

Which leads me back to my original point that in America we have a problem with accountability. When I was growing up if I was failing a class my parents blamed me and themselves for not being on top of it. My mom and dad would go to the school and ask the teacher what can I do to bring my grade up.  But these parents and kids now are all about who else is to blame.  They go up to the school and want the teacher fired because it’s clearly not their kid’s fault. It’s the school’s, the teacher’s, and the principal’s fault. Meanwhile, that same mom and dad are glued to their smartphone screens. They don’t pay attention to their kid’s homework or school grades and buy their kids smartphones and IPads.

Another example to my point is participation trophies everyone gets one no matter what their record was. Now again, I grew up in the time where they kept score and you had to work for everything.  My little league had 6 teams in each division and each team would play 20 games. At the end of the 20 games, only the top 4 teams would reach the playoffs. The other 2 teams would be out of the playoffs and their season over. No trophy, no consolation tournament, and no you did your best. They were left with their coach saying next season you want to be here watching or playing in the playoffs?  That would help the kids in the offseason get better so that they would be able to play in the playoffs.

I just finished coaching a Little League team from a local league. We only had one team with 13 players on it. The schedule had us playing other local Little League teams in which we had to travel. We did not win one game all season, and yet those kids all got trophies at the end of the season. I was against it the entire time but what can you do?

In conclusion, the reason we have so many problems in the US is that no one will take accountability for their actions. Everyone wants to blame someone else.  I am asking that you start to look at yourself and if you do something wrong admit that you made a mistake and move on. Don’t blame your kid’s teacher because you are a bad parent. Get in there and see why your kid is failing. Don’t blame the coach for the reason your kid is not good in sports. Put the effort in and have play catch with your kid. Otherwise we will always have the problem of blaming someone else for our issues.

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