Nick Welch, Adrian Kinnavanthong, and Jon Blumberg created a clothing brand that has been noticed around the world from their numerous pop-up shops which led to them starting up an online website to allow for customers from all over the world to be able to buy their clothing. The brand was created back in 2012 when a location opened up that would later become the first shop that Ordnry clothing would be sold at.

They have many assets that differentiate themselves from the competition. For one, they make sure to always use premium fabrics that will last a lifetime. For a brand to start in a small city like Winnipeg with little to no celebrities around, they were able to get celebrity endorsement from other places around the world. They make sure to have curating collections that keep their customers up to date on the newest fashion trends whether they understand the fashion world or not and last but not least, they are creating an environment/lifestyle that people want to be a part of.

Ordnry has had numerous pop-up shops all over in places like Toronto, Vancouver, and Miami. At one point, they had worked with one of Vancouver’s most notable clothing companies, Dipt for a week and ended up selling out. In Miami, they partnered with Unknwn who is run by many including Lebron James. Ordnry caught the attention of player Kelly Olynyk (nba) who would bring them to his games and help to promote their line. From there, their relationships grew bigger, and the group was invited to his house where they ended up playing NBA on Playstation where they got to play using his character in the game. When Lebron James saw Kelly (nba) with the Ordnry clothing on, he invited Ordnry to participate in a pop shop in December 2017 that sold out in a day. The plan was to have the pop-up shop go on for a week, so they had to order more clothing to sell and stayed out there for a whole month.

During their time, thanks to Lil Buck, a professional dancer they also have worked with artists such as Madonna (recording artist) who they helped to design her tour merch back in 2019 which was a huge hit with fans. To this day, they are still close with her and keep in touch.

Did you know they also have a professional barber shop? Their website states “Ordnry is about much more than our clothing, it is an outlook on life and a lifestyle.”

Located in the heart of Winnipeg’s Exchange District, Ordnry Cuts aims to provide an unparalleled client experience driven by passion, experience, and innovation. We stay at the forefront of new techniques and styles while continuing to provide the standard combination of contemporary and classic services. is a clothing brand located in Pakistan, and its child Projects  are

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  2. for whole sale garments supplier in Punjab Pakistan

Our main goal is to ensure a consistent, quality, one-of-a-kind customer experience.” and goes more into detail by saying “The barbershop is situated conveniently in the loft of our shop and is home to Winnipeg’s finest barbers. Before every treatment, you will have a consultation with your respective barber to ensure a clear and cohesive vision. You will have access to our personal entertainment system, the witty banter of the barbers, and the expertly-curated music selection to best enjoy your treatment.” For more information on this Winnipeg Barbershop visit them at

Who knew that these small city entrepreneurs would be able to build up their business the way they did, working with tons of celebrities and influencers around the world. To check out more of their stuff, visit their website at or @ordnryclothing.

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