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Combat OSRS pure characters often have high offensive stats while keeping defense and other stats low. It’s to keep combat level low while maintaining a high offensive capability. These builds give an edge for PvP at lower levels. They’re not going to hold up in most high-level PvP. There are many variations and builds for OSRS pure characters. You can keep reading for a brief description of those.

One-Defense Pure

For pure PvP combat, this character build has high offensive stats. Usually, it’s attack and strength but sometimes ranged or magic and prayer. It gives a huge offensive advantage over accounts with similar levels. The 1 Defense might seem like a weakness, but the overwhelming damage it can deal is enough KO potential. It’s not a perfect unbeatable build, though. It has its own weaknesses.

Defense Pure

While it’s a mighty tank with high defense, it has very low combat ability outside tanking. Because of that, it’s not a viable PvP character unless in a team. It has high survivability, but with low damage and hit. Mainly a vanity build, and for some specific circumstances. Other variations might have magic (a Mage Tank) or range (Range Tank) for an edge in combat, but it’s uncommon.

Pure Builds that Use Armor Sets or Equipment

Other pure builds are based on the use of certain weapons or armor. Here are some of the examples.

Mauler Pure

They could either be ‘Obsidian Pure’ with 60 Strength to use the Tzhaar-ket-om, or ‘Granite Maul Pure (G-mauler or Mauler)’ with 50 Attack and Strength. As their name implies, it focuses on the use of either of those weapons. They usually have 1 Defense, but other variations have higher.

Black Pure

Designed for 10 Defense, it allows the use of Black Armor and a Black Mask or Slayer Mask. Accounts with this build can use low-cost armor and a variety of weapons without sacrificing its offensive potential. More often found in PvM than PvP, but it’s viable in either. P2P players have a 13 Defense variant available to them.

Initiate Pure

Utilizes the Prayer and Defense bonuses of Initiate Armor. It has a minimum 20 Defense and gives a Defense boost and more efficient use of Prayers in combat. It also has an additional benefit of equipping armor with Magic bonuses, such as Mystic Robes.

Rune Pure

A 40 Defense build that can equip and use Rune Armor as well as other stat-boosting armor. Fighter Torsos, Rune Defenders, and Dragonhide Bodies and Coifs are also available to this build. The 40 Defense also allows for the completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest. It unlocks the useful Vengeance spell. The build is popular with F2P PvP. It allows players to wear the best armor available in F2P while remaining at a low combat level.

P2P players have the Berserker and Void pure builds available to them. The Berserker Pure build is pretty similar to this. The only difference is 45 Defense to allow the use of a Berserker Helm or Fighter Hat. It also allows the completion of all the subquests of Recipe for Disaster. The quest line unlocks Barrows Gloves, the best gloves in the game.

Void Pure

The Void Pure utilizes the combat bonuses of the Void Knight armor. Often paired with the Ranged stat, the build lets players take advantage of the damage and accuracy boosts the armor gives. Pair that with the high hits of the Rune Crossbow and Dark Bow, and turn your enemies into pincushions. It’s the least risky build in terms of wealth, so even those with less OSRS gold can use this build.

Dragon Pure

With 60 Defense and/or Attack, this build mainly uses Dragon equipment. Dragon Scimitars are popular for its strength bonus, paired with a Dragon Dagger for the special attack. Adding Dragon Claws to that leads to a devastating combo for opponents.

Barrows Pure

The last pure build (so far), makes use of Barrows equipment. It requires 70 Defense and 70 Prayer for Piety. Combine it with high Attack and Strength for maximum damage. 94 Magic could also be attained for the Vengeance spell. Ranged, however, is rarely used outside PvM or team PvP.

The Verdict

It all boils down to preference. Some of these builds are for the challenge, some of them for the more practical aspects. Whatever your reason, you should only use these builds if you really want to. They’re gimmicky for the most part. If you’re looking for an unbeatable build, you’re not going to find it here.

That said, if you want to try these builds out or make one for the challenge, go for it. They might be a little expensive to build so choose wisely.

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