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Overwatch Uprising Returns for 2018

Events for Overwatch aren’t really a new thing. The next event due to make its return to Overwatch, however, will be the noteworthy as it is the hugely popular Uprising event.

Making its first debut appearance back in April of last year,the event is now formally known as Overwatch: Archives.

Here’s the clincher: There are multiple missions for fans to enjoy! For those who don’t know, Archives is a lore-based seasonal event in Overwatch. Similar to Halloween Terror, it involves a unique PvE game mode, in which a team of players must work to defeat large waves of AI-controlled bots. The event talks about Overwatch’s lore, specifically recounting Tracer’s first mission with Overwatch.

There are quite a few new changes that have been made. At the same time, there will also be some old favorites from last year making a comeback.

The Old Becomes New

Last year’s event took place near the end of Overwatch as an organization. It was an Overwatch mission tasked to defeat the Null Sector uprising in King’s Row. You can either play as Tracer, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, or Mercy. However, this year’s Uprising will be much more revamped. The game mode for the event known as Brawl mode will have a small tweak. While the premise and the characters that you’re going to use are more or less the same,the King’s Row map will be reworked, bringing a new environment to explore.

Other than a new map for the Brawl mode, there’s also a new mission called Retribution. The new mission involves Reaper, McCree, Moira, and Genji as Blackwatch agents. They follow the same four player PvE format as Uprising with a few changes. The missions will not have the same gameplay as Uprising wherein you will be pitted into an aggressive encounter with numerous mobs. Instead, it will rely on more of a secret mission-style encounter with obstacles and mechanics.

Overwatch Items: What’s New?

Along with that, there will be 114 all-new Overwatch items consisting of 10 Skins, 3 Emotes, 6 Victory Lines, 48 Voice Lines, 31 Sprays, 3 Highlight Intros, and 13 Player Icons. These items can be either purchased with credits or unlocked from the special season Loot Boxes. Last year, every loot box earned and purchased during the event contained at least one skin, highlight intro, emote, spray, or player icon from the Overwatch Uprising Collection. Skins like Medic Mercy, Cadet Tracer, and Talon Widowmaker were part of last year’s skin collection – so you can likely expect more new skins this time around. That being said, all of last year’s skins will also be making a return together with the King’s Row map and the special Brawl mode.

Keep It Coming

Blizzard has always been exerting effort towards creating new events such as Insurrection. With the Uprising evolving, it gives players another chance to unlock the items that were only available last year. Unlike its usual dance, the Uprising event makes the story the star of the show, even if it recycles assets from the base game to do it. The interactions between characters aren’t merely for color, they’re how the story is told–and the story is one that genuinely matters within the history of the Overwatch universe. As for the PvE Brawl Mode, even though you’re just running a reskinned multiplayer map, the overall feel is much closer to playing Left 4 Dead than it did Overwatch. Brawl is a fun mode with a surprisingly high skill ceiling. It reignites the passion of players because of its interaction with the rich lore of the Overwatch universe, making it a competitive FPS game that’s hard to put down.

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