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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, student, or stay-at-home parent, you must have a planning system to stay organized. Your planner is a crucial alley that helps you keep track of events, tasks, and other responsibilities. The rise of the Google calendar or Planner App has converted some to go digital. But the art of journaling or penning your tasks to a paper planner still remains supreme. Thankfully, you can buy stationery online and choose from beautifully designed desk agendas to journal notebooks. Here are five reasons why paper planners are so much better!

Offers Less Distraction

They say one of the perks of a digital planner is the reminders. However, when you analyze it, your phone buzzes and pings all day long. Though it may be convenient, it is a distraction. As time goes by, you tend to ignore the app reminders, or if you do pick it up, you are also tempted to take a peek at your messages, look through social media, or maybe even surf the net. When you plan your day on paper, it does the opposite. It helps you focus and clears your head from the annoying push notifications from your email box and social media apps. Planning on paper also equates to reduced screen time, which means giving your brain a chance to rest and re-set. 

Paves The Way For Better Recall

When you use more senses, you remember things better. When you write things down, you get to feel the paper, and you see yourself writing each word. Maybe you even say it out loud for better recall. As you write stuff down in your paper planner, you stimulate brain cells located at the base to increase your mental focus. As your nervous system works, you pay attention more and have better retention of information. When you use your hand, you engage your brain even more as you formulate words and write down letter stroke by stroke. 

Provides Better Motivation

If you opt to write by longhand, you shall be expending more effort. Because of this factor, you tend to write key points. Yes, it is faster to type, but you are not as selective about your information with this method. In contrast, writing means you get the chance to refine your thoughts. When you write things down on your planner, you will be more mindful. Carefully writing plans and goals keep them at the forefront in your mind, keeping you highly motivated. Thankfully, there are many planner designs. When you buy stationery online, just choose a pattern that suits your personality so you’ll have fun using your planner. 

Minimizes Stress 

Using a planner allows you to be creative. Besides writing things down, you can draw, add stickers, use washi tapes, and embellish with coloured pens. Allow your creative juices to flow will assign positive thoughts to the many things you have on your plate. Instead of feeling reluctant or dragging your feet doing them, you will be more positive about your goals. Planning your day on paper can be akin to some sort of meditation. It helps declutter your mind when you put your concerns and stressors into words. 

Final Wrap Up

Writing in your planner is a healthy habit. It allows you to de-stress, keeps you motivated, and inspires creativity. Remember, it is human nature to feel more affinity towards physical things than intangible objects. Sadly, your digital planner cannot be touched because it is in a virtual world bounded by an impenetrable screen. As such,  a paper planner works better because it allows you to be more positive and productive. 

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