Every investment firm has a responsibility to its clients. The goal is expert, sound advice and the execution of a secure and reliable investment strategy that generates significant ROI. Given the past year’s market conditions, coupled with general stock movement, Parsimony Limited felt it was in our clients’ best interest to invest heavily in Walmart (WMT) stock.

Between its current market position and its historical performance, WMT represents a high-value stock which we anticipate to consistently outperform market indicators while growing and appreciating over the long term. We therefore brokered heavy buys of WMT on our clients’ behalf.

Walmart’s Historical Performance

Walmart, the famous American-based progenitor of the term “super-store,” was founded on the dual principles of low price and superior customer service. Although their mission may seem like a boilerplate business strategy to the modern board of directors, this effective two-pronged business strategy propelled the company to universal success and near unlimited growth.

Walmart first went public in 1970 where its IPO went for $16.50. From its public inception onward the Walmart brand proved itself to be a solid, reliable, and profitable investment option built to complement any portfolio. In its first two years as a public entity, Walmart opened 27 stores and increased its earnings per share by 77%. That upward trajectory has continued in the decades since.

Despite an economic downturn in the late 1980s, Walmart continued its bullish ascent with its earnings per share increasing 37% year over year. Just prior to the turn of the century, Walmart crossed into Europe with its acquisition of ASDA. From there, the company grew exponentially with global sales reaching $285 billion by 2005.

Fast-forward to present day in 2012. While the world is still reeling from a historic financial crisis that originated only four years ago, Walmart’s stock has proven itself to be a survivor. The company’s securities jumped from $53.93 in 2010 to their current average market price of $60.33. In terms of historical performance, WMT’s value cannot be matched. It’s what you call a good bet.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Given Walmart’s consistent performance year in and year out, Parsimony Limited issued a heavy buy recommendation to our clients earlier this year, and executed the transaction on their behalf. WMT has moved in a consistent upward fashion since the company went public in 1970 and has proven itself to be a reliable investment. With its recent gains, especially in light of the overall economic turbulence pervading world markets, we project that the stock will continue to grow exponentially throughout the coming decade.

Parsimony Limited, and by extension Global Custodian Solutions, felt it was our fiduciary duty to our clients to broker significant buys of WMT, acting as principal on the transaction, on their behalf. Parsimony Limited is proud to have executed such a beneficial investment for our loyal customers.

Who is Parsimony Limited?

Parsimony Limited is an investment firm operating out of the Channel Islands in the United Kingdom. We are known worldwide for our expertise in financial investment, for our high fidelity to safeguarding client assets, and for brokering sound investment strategies by acting as principal on client transactions.

Parsimony Limited works in conjunction with our affiliate, Global Custodian Solutions. In the world of stocks, securities, and asset management, Global Custodian Solutions has a worldwide footprint, operating across numerous financial markets. Global Custodian Solutions is known for its bespoke approach to investment strategies, working with investors to reach their unique financial goals.

Parsimony Limited serves as the execution arm for Global Custodian Solutions. We work on the front lines, one on one in direct consultation with our investors. It is Parsimony Limited’s duty to execute investment opportunities that will best impact our members’ bottom line.



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