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Paul George: John Wall Wants A PG-13 Rating For The Wizards

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John Wall actively stated that he is attempting to recruit and persuade Paul George to join the Washington Wizards and make a convincing run at a championship.

Paul George is in the last year of his contract, and stated that this will be his last year in Indiana and will be taking his talents to Los Angeles. But before that chapter is written, John Wall is looking to get himself a ring by recruiting PG.

There is one main reason why Paul George should come to the Wizards instead of the Lakers by next year, and it’s mainly to ensure a NBA Finals appearance. Plain and simple, the East is weaker than the West. With Chicago losing one of their best players, the Knicks attempting to sell and trade everyone, and Cleveland not making any major moves, makes the East weaker then the West.

For example, the 8th seed in the East was barely over a .500 win percentage, while in the West that was not the case.

Also the West continues to get stronger, allowing Jimmy Butler to go to a stronger West team in the Wolves, and Lopez going to the Lakers with the addition of Lonzo Ball. With that being said, wouldn’t it be more effective and easier to win in a weaker conference. This is exactly what John Wall is telling Paul George.

With the addition of Paul George, the lineup would look like the following below:

PG:John Wall

SG: Bradley Beal

SF: Paul George

PF: Otto Porter Jr

C: Marvin Gortat

With this lineup, and an already well rounded bench, this team would be able to make a run at the NBA Finals. With the flip-floppiness (not a real word I know) of players signing small contract in the upcoming season, why not stay in a weaker conference and consistently make a title run.

This would be a major step in Paul George’s career, who is adding more years to his age, meaning he only has so long until the title window starts to close.

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