Pedometers are nothing new. They’ve become so popular, they’re very useful as fitness tools and a lot of people find that they can no longer work out without these trusty gadgets. But sometimes, a pedometer alone is not enough to motivate you to get fit. After all, walking 10,000 steps a day isn’t exactly an exciting prospect for those who aren’t hardcore fitness buffs.

For many, an extra push is needed to complete those 10,000 steps. And when that push comes in the form of a fun game, then you become so much more motivated to get up, get walking and achieve your fitness goals.

That’s where the Walkr app comes in. Part pedometer, part game, Walkr is a fitness app that encourages you to walk – and it makes the process very entertaining. The app does that by counting your steps and converting those into in-game energy that can be used to accomplish tasks.

How Walkr Works?

In the game, Walkr is a spaceship that explores galaxies and it runs on fuel or energy produced with every walk you take in real life. The objective is to find planets, collect them and make the resident aliens happy and productive by feeding them food that is made using the DFR (Dynamic Food Replicator). Finding planets takes time and coins, which you earn when the aliens are well fed and able to do their work. The more planets you collect, the more coins you earn. You can also upgrade your planets and DFR, which translates to more coins because the planets’ productivity increases.

Going back to Walkr’s fuel or energy, this is used to speed up exploration, the construction of the DFR and the productivity of the aliens. As mentioned earlier, finding planets takes time and if you get impatient, you can opt to boost the process by using your walking energy. For example, an exploration that normally takes 30 minutes can be completed instantly if you use your walking energy to boost. The same thing goes for building the DFR and for making the aliens accomplish their tasks – walking energy can be used to speed those up, too.

The app tells you how much energy is needed to boost each process. And how can you generate that energy? Just take a walk!

The more you walk, the more energy you have in the game and the faster you’re able to explore planets, build your DFR and make your aliens work. The faster they do these things, the more coins you collect and the more you get ahead in the game.

Staying Fit the Fun Way

Obviously, it’s a super fun way to stay fit. From the cute graphics to the animation, music and sound effects, it definitely takes working out to a whole new level. When the motivation to walk is as entertaining and as compelling as this, sticking to a fitness regimen is literally as easy as playing a game.

What’s even more interesting; Walkr will get a jolly twist this holiday season with the new “Reindeer Trek” spaceship. With this time-limited trek, you can now explore the galaxy in this new space shuttle while snowflakes fall from the sky, helping you kindle the Christmas spirit.

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