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Pet Id Tags to Your Furry Friends Safety

Don’t we all love our furries babies from the core of our heart?

After all, pets are a family member and should be equally treated like one.

Pet parents will do everything in their power to make sure that their little (they are always a puppy for their parents) remain in the best shape, are physically, mentally and emotionally happy, and most importantly safe, even when the parent is out for work.

While you might have a bunch of latest digital equipment that can help a pet parent ensure their little one’s safety, we should never underestimate the capabilities that lie within pet ID tags. A traditional safety tool, it is still one of the most potent safety devices that is subtle yet ensure protection all the time.

Wondering why you should get pet IDtags?

Worn on the pet’s harness or around the collar, and highly recommended by the pet organization across the world, pet ID tags can help you, and your pet reunites if you ever lost them. This is one of the several benefits of having your pet wear the IDtags can have:


The principal reason for purchasing a pet IDtag is ensuring that your pet remains safe at all times. No matter how stringent you’re with the setting if home to enhance safety and security of your beloved pet, there comes a time when they will be on a lookout for an opportunity to go for an adventure. Well, it’s an adventure for them but a nightmare for you, which is where a pet ID tag will come to their rescue. Anyone on the road would see them and read their tag to understand where the dog is from and whom to contact if they are lost etc.


Pets with a medical condition should be especially worn these pet ID tags so that in case they are lost, the person who funds them knows that about their health complication and can accordingly take care of them and provide them with the necessary medication, till the time their owner is found.


The increasing demands for these pet ID tag have companies opening up a dedicated store for them, which provide customized ID tags various shapes, sizes, and styles at affordable rates.


No longer you have to worry about your furry friend jumping out of the open window or fence and get lost in some strange uncomfortable place. People seeing a lost dog would immediately look for their pet ID tag, which upon discovery, they will quickly get in touch with the information provided on it. Pet ID tags will give you the much-needed peace of mind.

While purchasing a pet IDtags is undoubtedly imperative, what is equally important is to remember what should and should go on the pet ID tag:

  • While it is advised to go with large and light pet ID tags if you plan to purchase a small one, make sure to get 2-3  with information written in such a manner that every alphabet is visible and legitimate.
  • Make sure to use both  the sides  of the tags and get the following information engraved on it:

○        Your phone number/email id;

○        Your contact address;

○        Name of the pet;

○        Health complications (if any);

○        Microchip information (which takes up a lot of space and hence should be written on another tag)

Make sure to only purchase it from credible online stores, not the one that sells novelty fake IDtags. IDtags serve a purpose, and that is to ensure safety and security, and the place you are planning to purchase it from should guarantee that. It should be made from an excellent quality material that is robust and can survive pets jumping, rolling, and the impact of rigorous activities. There are many reliable online stores out there, which offer a wide range of stylish and functional pet ID tags at the best available market price.

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