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Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz injury gives team best excuse

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The Philadelphia Eagles QB of the future Carson Wentz will miss the majority of the preseason with a hairline rib fracture he suffered during Thursday’s games against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The injury was not believed to be serious, as he was able to play through it but now it’s reported that he will miss most of the preseason and should be ready to go by the season opener.

This is the best news possible for the Eagles.

There will be no QB controversy this camp, no “why isn’t Wentz taking 2nd or 1st team reps” question. As it stands now this is Sam Bradford’s team with Chase Daniels as the 1st team clipboard holder until Bradford, well you know. Bradford, not one for a healthy game of competition can relax a little, and Daniels can let out a sigh of relief as his depth chart position on Madden ’17 will remain the same. But how much was Wentz going to play this season anyway?

This gives the Eagles a chance to brush off many questions during camp and when the season opens. If Bradford was to struggle anytime, the boo birds were waiting, waiting to skip over Daniels and make their case to see the #2 pick, Wentz. Eagles fans are starving for a winning season, anything positive after the Chip Kelly debacle of the last two years. Wentz was a questionable pick, with this injury it will give him a chance to focus, study the playbook, learn from watching Bradford and Daniels, pick the brains of the OC and release some of that pressure that was put on when his name was called during the draft.

Eagles fans know Bradford is not the one, hell they know Daniels is not starter material either, what they want to see is the tough kid that took a licking Thursday night but still completed 12/24 passes for 89 yards. But until at least the last week of preseason, they must wait, and that should play right into their hands. This is a team that’s borderline rebuild mode, and the last thing the Eagles need on their plates is angry fans calling for a player who has not received enough snaps with either unit to get thrown into the fire.

I feel sorry for Wentz, the person, but the Eagles must be relieved for their player and team.

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