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Philadelphia Eagles: Hope Fading

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The Philadelphia Eagles started off the season with a bang. Despite trading their starting quarterback just eight days before the regular season and replacing him with a rookie who had only seen limited snaps in one preseason game.

The Eagles flew to a 3-0 start, unfortunately, they have only won 2 more games since. Falling to a meager 5-6, the bottom of the division and falling with their ranking has been fans hopes and dreams.

Technically the Eagles are not out of playoff contention. But mentally the fans base is worse for wear. The emotional roller-coaster of trading Sam Bradford, winning at the start of the year only to repeatedly lose on the road. The games were so close, fans convinced themselves they were a few botched plays away from 8 or 9 wins.

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Eagles fans had one thing to take solace in. Home field advantage. Then last Sunday the Green Bay Packers took that away. No longer could the Eagles dominate at home.

The Eagles defense broke. Home field advantage wasn’t good enough and the injury bug bit hard.

Now, the Eagles face yet another road game, having only won one of them all season. The defense is suspect after the last couple weeks and now neither Ryan Mathews nor Jordan Matthew’s will play Sunday.

Cincinnati Bengals are not the powerhouse they normally are, but this might be the hardest game of the year for the Eagles. Can they bounce back?

If the Eagles falter, the road gets no easier, Washington at home, Baltimore on the road, Giants and Cowboys at home to wrap up the season.

The Eagles can very well be looking at 5-11. A hard pill to swallow after such a fast start. A season with so much promise only a mirage.

If the Eagles can muster the strength to win in Cincinnati, they come home to try and regain that home field advantage. A win in Cincinnati lifts hope and boosts morale and gives the team the steam they need to run the gauntlet that awaits.

The cards are on the table this weekend. The Eagles are all in. Will Cincinnati call their bluff or will the Eagles finally pull off the win against the odds?

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