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Philadelphia Eagles: “Wait till they play someone real”. Anymore doubt?

It began at the end of week 2 after the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. “They’re an okay team but let’s see what happens when they play a real team”. Well, it just so happens the real team they were referring to were the 2-0 Pittsburgh Steelers. As the football GOD’s would have it, there were next on the Eagles schedule.

The Steelers were coming into the Linc with an All-Pro QB, WR and a backup running back that could take 95 percent of any starters jobs in the NFL. Yes, the Steelers were the team everyone was referring to. Damn shame, the Steelers may have run into one of the best teams in football. Maybe someone should’ve warned the Steelers about who they were facing instead.

Rookie, Carson Wentz proved yet again why he should’ve been taken No.1 as he took Ben Roethlisberger on a trip down memory lane with an elite -type performance.

Everything didn’t go as planned for the Eagles as Antonio Brown burned every corner that lined up in front of him. But here’s the thing about winning that always seems to go unnoticed. It doesn’t matter who did what in the end, as long as you win. Isn’t that the excuse we make for the great teams when a player on a sub. 500 teams puts up a career day? Why not show the Eagles that same respect?

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At this point, it doesn’t matter if you do or not. They won their first two games, regardless of the competition like an undefeated team is supposed to, by outscoring their opponent. Sunday against the Steelers was no different as the Eagles turned the key in the ignition, put their foot on the gas and never thought twice about taking it off.

The score showed they won put look closer and ou will see what was pure dominance by the better Pennsylvania team. Wentz threw for 301 yards, two touchdowns and has yet to throw an interception this season. The ground game still managed to control the Steelers defense with 125 yards on 30 attempts. And for the defense, the Steelers averaged 31 points entering the contest but left with three. I guess Pittsburgh wasn’t as good as we thought they were or the Eagles are not being properly advertised.

Either way, they passed their test.

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