In the world of photography, the unique relationship between subject matter and shooter and model and photographer is a unique one. Depending on the style, theme, genre and aim of the shoot, it is vital for both the model and photographer to be in sync and on the same page.

But what if the model decides to switch sides and go behind the lens?

It’s not uncommon for models to venture into shooting and becoming a photographer as well, as they would have a unique insight into how fellow models like to be shoot, what angles and lighting would be the most flattering and how to make a model feel free and comfortable during a shoot.

One such model that has made the switch to photographer is Laura Franco.


Who Is She?


Name: Laura Franco

Age: 26

Birthplace: Medellín, Colombia

Social Media: Instagram: @laurafrancor_

Franco, A student of business administration and photography, has lived part of her life outside Colombia, modeling and has returned to continue her promising career in her native land.
Laura believes that success is achieved with talent and discipline, so caring for and training your body daily, without neglecting your intellectual and spiritual part is vital. 

When she is not in front of the camera—or behind it, the 26-year-old beauty enjoys traveling around the world, eating sushi, seafood and pastas, but it is much better to be with her close-knit family in Medellín and enjoy a landscaped tray. 

Her motto of life “Take advantage every day that gives him the universe, being aware that life has an end”. Like most models today, Franco believes that photography is a complement to one’s modeling career, that has helped you understand that when time is up, only one image can come back.

Laura passionately believes that doing business in Colombia is the best contribution to the country, so it is preparing hard to realize its business project. It is defined as a persevering, noble and risky woman, who knows that the dreams that are realized are those that involve self-esteem and extend to more people.

You can follow her on IG at @laurafrancor_




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