Cedar Point Entrace
Cedar Point Entrance

With Opening Day at Cedar Point less than a month away, I thought I’d detail the benefits of having a Platinum Pass for the park.

For any thrill seeker, getting a Platinum Pass ( Platinum ) is an absolute must. First off, it enables you to go to Cedar Point as many times as you want during the season. Definitely a great benefit to anyone who visits the park regularly, it’s an absolute necessity.

I’m someone who enjoys roller coasters, and the Platinum Pass is easily the most used card in my wallet. Not only does it get you admission to Cedar Point, but also any Cedar Fair park across North America. This means you can ride Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion, Diamondback at Kings Island, Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland, or Fury 325 at Carowinds, with your Platinum Pass.

The benefit that I love most is the ability to enter the park one full hour earlier than the general public. With the popularity of Cedar Point in the summer, it’s nice to almost have the park to yourself.

This year, I plan on getting to the park for 9 am early opening, doing all my favorite coasters before it gets too busy around 11 am, and leaving around 1. Talk about a productive day.

Since I frequent the park so much, it’s nice that the Platinum Pass gives me free parking. Usually, a $20 charge, my Platinum Pass lets me avoid that. It also works at other Cedar Fair parks as well.

You can’t forget about the 10% discount you get on select dining and merchandise throughout the park. In addition, Cedar Point also has exclusive ride nights for Platinum Pass holders.

As Cedar Point continues to expand their water park, a Platinum Pass can get you unlimited entry there as well. Also, Dinosaurs Alive, a normally additional charge, is free for Platinum Pass holders as well.

For a coaster enthusiast like myself, the Platinum Pass is an absolute must. The benefits I obtain from it are worth the money for sure. I plan on going to Cedar Point quite a bit this season, and I’ve got my Platinum Pass to thank for that.

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