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Play Ball! MLB Spring Training Games Are Here

MLB fans, the time has come. Spring Training has officially passed the workout stage and has entered game time. That means two Major League clubs will be stepping onto the same field for the foreseeable future and Winter is a distant afterthought.

Game action technically started yesterday, with three games taking place in Florida. The Detroit Tigers, the Boston Red Sox all took to the field to take on college teams. All three Big League clubs walked away with their first win of the Spring season.

But today things get even better. Not only are we getting five Spring Training games, but five of those games will see two MLB clubs squaring off. Four of these games will take place down in Florida, while the other two take place in Arizona. The schedule is as follows:


Baltimore Orioles vs Detroit Tigers at 1:05 EST – Florida
New York Mets vs Boston Red Sox 1:05 EST – Florida
Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Yankees 1:05 EST – Florida
Cincinnati Reds vs San Francisco Giants 3:05 EST – Arizona
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee vs Milwaukee Brewers 3:05 EST – Arizona
Tampa Bay Rays vs Minnesota Twins 7:05 EST – Florida

If you are like me, then you are certainly ready for this baseball action. After months of no on-field baseball action, these games are a very welcome sight. And the best part, they are just the beginning!

From here on out we will be getting baseball essentially every day until the end of this year’s World Series! Or in other words, the next eight or so months will be filled with plenty of great baseball action!

So welcome back baseball, we all missed you! We look forward to another great season full of great games and awesome moments. Today is just the start. Enjoy these six games folks and be sure to enjoy Spring Training to its fullest. Play ball!

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