Photo: Robert D. Cobb/INSC Media & Photography

With COVID-19 changing all of our lives in some way, shape or form, it is no surprise that it has also changed the way digital art and artist express themselves. With many of us being inside for over a year and being forced to find new ways to create content, one genre that has quickly begun to emerge is remote photography.

Photo: Robert D. Cobb/INSC Media & Photography

Remote photography, also known as tethered shooting or virtual remote photography, involves the use of a camera, tethered cable and laptop, smartphone and iPhone apps such as CLOS that enable photographers and models to collaborate via long distances.

With many countries still in lockdown and under heavy travel restrictions, more photographers and models are doing and turning to remote shoots.

Photo: Robert D. Cobb/INSC Media & Photography

One such model who is making a name for herself in this new genre is Polish-born, Australian-based Instagram fashion model and photographer, Aurora Sprengel. Sprengel, who has appeared in many publications such as Implied Magazine, Dreamers Magazine and our own magazine here, has been steaming up many cameras and laptops thanks to her classic fair-skin beauty, deep blue eyes and sexy hourglass figure.

Photo: Robert D. Cobb/INSC Media & Photography

Below is our Q and A after our long-awaited first-ever photo shoot as we catch up, talk modeling, remote shooting, traveling and how COVID has affected both of us.


Who Is She?


Name: Aurora Sprengel

Age: 26

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Social media links: Model Instagram: @poetic.minx | Photographer Instagram: @shotbyminx


– The Nude Magazine (number 21, print) – Siatka (magazine made in collaboration with Mike Stacey)

– Implied Magazine

– We Are Something Else Magazine

– Dreamers Magazine

– Modellenland

– Australia: Audacious Magazine, Seduire Magazine, Wild Vixens Magazine (March 2018)

Photo: Robert D. Cobb/INSC Media & Photography

It’s been a hot minute (4 years!) how have you been and what have you been doing since I last interviewed you for INSC? 3 years is truly quite some time to make changes, develop one’s skills and find new directions…. which is what I was trying to do! A big change was moving from Australia to Poland – not a very positive experience overall, but I definitely learned from it anyway. The good thing about being here was the opportunity to work with many fantastic artists and photographers in Europe as it’s all so accessible here! I continue to model and I made work that I am very proud of. I also got involved in doing my own photography more seriously.

Photo: Robert D. Cobb/INSC Media & Photography

We absolutely killed our first ever colab in a remote tethered shoot, what attracted you to this fast-growing trend in photography? It was a challenge. To see if would be possible to make impressive photos with people in different counties. Also, an opportunity to network with other creatives.

How do you feel tethered and remote photography is going to change/influence the industry during COVID? I think it will remain an option for creatives, even when Covid won’t be hindering our travel possibilities so much and daily life as now. It’s a convenient way of working for older photographers who can’t travel or don’t have money to travel as often as they wish in order to shoot with a particular model(s).

Photo: Robert D. Cobb/INSC Media & Photography

How are you traveling? What precautions are you taking, and has COVID changed how you prepare for a shoot? I did a few tours since June 2020 and I always try to ensure that I’m traveling safely – for the sake of me and my family, and for the sake of the people I work with too, of course! I traveled by different ways: train, car, plane – whatever seemed most sensible at the time.

I ensure there is minimum distance between me and the people I shoot with (which should be there anyway, haha). I wash my hands, disinfect them. Some photographers wear a mask throughout the whole shoot. If anyone wants me to look at the images, I tell them to leave the camera aside and then I take a look at them. Also, now I am lucky to be vaccinated, so it’s less risky of course for everyone involved!


Lastly, what advice would You give to fellow models and photographers trying to shoot during COVID and in regards to remote/tethered photography? Invest in some good equipment – it doesn’t have to be very expensive, but at least reliable! A stable tripod is great. It would be good to learn more about photography to understand the whole process of shooting (I didn’t need to do it as I’m a photographer myself already). Being in some remote groups also helps as people can give advice.



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