Syphon Coffee Maker

The Syphon coffee makers are one of the perfect tools to brew your favorite coffee. The entire setup of the brewer looks like futuristic lab equipment, making it not just an excellent tool to make your coffee but also to add some glamour to your kitchen. 

A Syphon coffee maker was first made in Germany in the early 19th century, and since then, it has undergone certain modifications to become what it looks like today. 

You can check out the Syphon coffee maker review and other such coffee maker reviews online to find out more about the product, and once you have made your choice, start making your coffee right away. Here is a brief overview of how it is made. 

What is Syphon Brewer? 

The Syphon coffee maker uses a full immersion brewer, which is why your coffee tastes richer and has a more full-bodied texture. However, you need to understand its various components and the steps to make your perfect cup, as it uses vacuum technology to brew your coffee. 

Components of Syphon Brewer

There are four main parts to the Syphon coffee maker. There are the top and bottom chambers and the filter. There is also a heat source, which looks like a lamp used in laboratories. This could be an open fire or even a halogen beam. 

Once the water is heated, it evaporates and creates a vacuum as the steam escapes. It moves the water to the top chamber from the original bottom chamber. The coffee is made in the top chamber, and once the coffee is brewed, the heat source is turned off. This again creates a vacuum in the bottom chamber. The coffee is transferred back to the bottom chamber and is ready to be served. 

Steps of Making Coffee is Syphon Brewer 

  • First, you need to attach the filter to the coffee maker. You will find a chain that you need to pull down. Then attach the clip at the bottom of the funnel. You might want to do this a couple of times before you add water. 
  • Next, you need to add water. One option is to add pre-boiled water if you want to make the coffee quickly. Or else, you can add water to the lower compartment and then light the heat source. The water measurement will depend on the capacity of your Syphon brewer, but a moderately-sized coffee maker will hold about 250 to 300 gms of water. 
  • In the next step, you should add the coffee. For a coffee maker this precise and unique, it will be a sin to use instant coffee. Instead, try to acquire the best coffee beans you can find and grind them right before adding them to the pot. For about 300 gms of water, you can add about 25 gms of coffee, depending on its quality and the richness you prefer. Grind the coffee powder as best as you can for maximum aroma. 
  • While the water is heating up, you should start assembling your paper filter retainer. You can run it under some tap water and rinse it so that there are no residues. The filter assembly will go to the top compartment of the brewer. 
  • When the water starts boiling, it is time to attach the funnel to the lower chamber. At this point, make sure that the top and bottom chambers are fitted tightly. 
  • Now is when the magic happens. The heated water travels to the top chamber because of the vacuum created there. You might notice some water remaining in the bottom compartment, but it is normal. Once the water reaches the top chamber- which might take a few minutes- add your coffee and give it a good stir. 
  • Have a watch by your side and brew the coffee for not more than 1:30 minutes. Then, please give it a second stir and turn off the heat. 
  • Once the heat is turned off, the coffee will percolate back to the lower chamber; at this point, you are ready to pour it and enjoy your perfectly brewed coffee. Be careful while removing the device from the heat. 

If you are not sure about the temperature, you can use a thermometer for the first few days until a time will come when you should add the coffee. A high flame would create more steam and will increase the temperature in the brewing compartment. Check out the variables and see which temperature works for you. You can find the various benefits of the Syphon and other such coffee makers; before choosing, read the Syphon coffee maker review and reviews of different products and choose the correct one. 

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