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Politics: The Tea Party and the Rise of Fascism in America

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America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. This is the view of most Americans.

However, a small fringe group of Americans would have the world believe that America is no longer the land of the free, but has been taken over by a corrupt government that wants to enslave any Americans that believe in the Bill of Rights and the Freedoms that it gives.

The home of the brave? Listen to a Tea Partier or read any of their social media group pages and you will find that these people are terrified of the government, Brown and Black people, refugees because they might be Muslims, and anything that might resemble being Muslim.

The Tea Party, the self-proclaimed party of people that believe in liberty, only believe in liberty if it is for White Christian Americans. Sure there is less then a 10% non-White minority within the Tea Party but when speaking with them they are more Uncle Ruckus and less MLK.

In other words, they have bought into the argument about the superiority of Whites and portray tendencies of self-hate. That is why instead of giving people from their former communities a helping hand by investing in their communities, they instead attack their communities.

It is the rare occurrence that I have come across a Tea Party member that treats me as a fellow citizen. Even though I am white, I am treated as a non-American who should not be allowed to have an opinion about current American affairs because I am a Muslim. They say that I have no rights to an opinion and even threaten me by saying they will report to Homeland Security that I am a Muslim within their midst.

When the Tea Party first came to be in 2010-2011, I was very curious about this movement. The original Tea Partiers said that this was an organization for both Republicans and Democrats that were afraid of the direction that the USA was taking. This was in response to laws that had been previously passed such as the Patriot Act and the NDAA. American’s were rightfully concerned about their civil liberties, and they should be. However, upon further growth, as well as a loss in the 2012 elections, the movement became more extreme.

Fringe Republican candidates started to hijack the movement. Sarah Palin was amongst the first. Her psychotic rhetoric speaking out against Obama appealed to Whites, who even will not admit it, were angry that a black man was not only elected once but twice to the office of the President of the United States. They could not fathom the thought of a black man being the head of the most powerful country on Earth and worked repeatedly to make his presidency a failure.

Part of this plan was to hijack the GOP and label any mainstream Republican as a RINO. A derogatory term for anyone that is anti-establishment. While trying to portray themselves as Republicans they are slowly destroying the Republican Party from within. The Tea Party refuses to back any candidate that they see as a RINO. A RINO is a ‘Republican In Name Only’ and is a politician who will work with the Democrats for the greater good of America. They do not want this. They want politicians that refuse to negotiate.

When this happens then we are a totalitarian government and democracy is dead.

America, the land of my birth and the country that I dearly love is now on it’s death bed. The Tea Party would rather see the death of American democracy and the downfall of America then compromise with the Democrats that elected a black man into office. Their hatred and animosity, their innate racism is so dangerous to the USA and the world that if America does fall as a result, the whole world will tumble like dominoes. This will create a situation where the one situation that they fear the most, a one world government, can take place.

If America collapses, and it will upon the election of either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, the whole world will be tossed into chaos. America will become very vulnerable due to the collapse of the dollar, which other governments will ensure it’s collapse if Trump is elected. Trump has already hurt the image of America internationally and even if he is not elected, the damage has been done. The land that taught religious and racial equality has been outed for the innate racism within American culture.

How can a country that invades other countries in the name of democracy elect a man who is so opposed to anyone that is not a White Christian. Donald Trump has spoken bad about Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks, China, women, and even made fun of disabled people. This is a man when asked about his court case concerning Trump University he makes an issue about the judge being a Latino. Trump loves to bring up that Pres. Obama is black. When referring to Mexicans he calls them murderers and rapists. When Blacks attend his rallies he mocks them as well.

Ted Cruz, the Tea Party favorite is no different. Cruz has stated that as soon as he is in office he will reverse Obamacare so now all of these millions of people will once again be uninsured. Cruz said that only Christian refugees should be allowed into the USA and not Muslim, again showing the hypocrisy of the New Tea Party GOP.

Marco Rubio, seen as the establishment GOP candidate even said about Muslims that, “They hate us for our freedoms”. Rubio shows no remorse in downplaying the reality of the situation which is that a generation of Muslims have grown up seeing Muslim countries bombed repeatedly while their oil is taken; Democratically elected leaders of Muslim countries have been ousted through American led coups; and many people from the GOP are given platforms on Fox News demonizing Muslims and telling the American people that they should kill Muslims or make them Revert. Both Phil Robertson of Duck Dunasty and Ann Coulter has stated to convert all Muslims starting with their leaders, and if they do not convert to Christianity, kill them.

When speaking to a typical Tea Partier, you will find that they believe in any conspiracy theory, especially if Alex Jones states it. They believe that the government wants to take their guns and put them in concentration camps for being Christians, and yet these hypocrites support Donald Trump’s suggestions of labeling Muslims and possibly putting them in detention camps. They want liberty and freedom for themselves but they do not want it for others.

Ask a Tea Partier about the Black Lives Matter’s movement and they will say that Blue Lives or All Lives Matters. Of course the lives of everyone matter, but saying that Black lives matter does not negate all lives matter. It is like being at a dinner table and you are the only Black Person. So everyone else is fed but you and you ask for food, they say the Food Matter to everyone but leave the one person out. They refuse to see that police erode the civil liberties of ethnic minorities daily. You would think that the group that is the most outspoken for civil liberties refuse to do so for Blacks. Instead they will label the 14 year old Black youth who was shot as a thug. They have no care for people who do not look like themselves.

The Tea Party has now adopted and forced the GOP to side with them. As a result, American Democracy is dying a painful death that the whole world is watching. If you do not believe that the Tea Party or the GOP is racist, just go to any Donald Trump rally. Even around the country minority youths are being chastised with the chant of Trump, Trump, Trump.

This has been happening to minority youths around the country.

Video after video show interviewers quoting Hitler to Trump supporters and when asking them if they support it they say yes. When told that they are quotes from Hitler they do not believe it but will still say if the Donald says it then they believe it. This is a man that has played on the anxieties and fears of the uneducated portion of the White populace that believe that there is a conspiracy against them to remove Whites from their positions of power. In other words, they see the end of their White privilege.

If it was only rhetoric that would be one thing, but these people have been brandishing weapons in a call to arms of other so-called Patriots around the country to take over federal land that they see as their right to take back. instead of going to court and using the legal methods to wight wrongs, they are willing to use force.

These same people will go to mosques, Muslim places of worship with assault weapons and images of the Muslim prophet daring people to say something to them. These people want so bad to have one Muslim retaliate so that they can then cause harm and say, “See we told you so”. I have no doubt in my mind that if they could get away with slaughtering Muslims without fear of arrest that they would.

It has often been said that fascism in America would come draped in a flag and holding a cross, and unfortunately I believe this statement is correct. The USA and the world is in serious danger. May God help us all.

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