1. Cleveland Browns ~ Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming

I have heard too many Carson Wentz comparisons going on and experts saying that Allen has a higher ceiling and is already the better all around athlete out of the two for me not to believe that very soon he will climb to the top of most team’s draft boards. Since Cleveland has the first pick and ownership is desperate to find their quarterback of the future, I really don’t see him falling past the top spot.

2. New York Giants ~ Sam Darnold, QB, USC

The Giants are in a rather unique situation right here. Nobody was expecting them to be drafting anywhere near this high in 2018 and they probably won’t be back here anytime between now and when Eli Manning retires. So, even though they have plenty of other positions of need, this might be their best chance to get their signal caller of the future. Darnold has one of the highest ceilings of any of the quarterbacks in the draft but lacks polish. Getting a chance to sit behind a veteran for a few years could be the perfect situation for him.

3. Indianapolis Colts ~ Bradley Chubb, DE, N.C. State

The Colts are definitely in need of an improvement on the defensive side of the ball and Chubb is the ideal person for that role. He has a nonstop motor, is slippery like an eel when fighting through the line and seems to come out of absolutely nowhere in his pursuit of the quarterback. He is very smart and shows an extremely high football I.Q. in crucial situations. He is one of the can’t miss prospects in this draft and should help take pressure off of Andrew Luck and the Colts offense one he gets settled in Indy.

4. Cleveland Browns ~ Saquon Barkley ~ RB Penn St.

This is a huge addition to the Browns offensive attack which already has so many solid pieces, and he would help take pressure off of their young signal caller as he tries to get his feet wet in the new system. Barkley can do almost everything as a running back including go out for passes, line up as a slot receiver and he isn’t afraid at all to stand in and block for his quarterback. Cleveland needs a superstar and Barkley has the talent to be one.

5. Denver Broncos ~ Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

The Broncos are very possibly just a good quarterback away from being contenders almost immediately. Most experts agree that that Rosen is the most NFL ready of this year’s quarterback crop. This could lead to a perfect match for a team who is only a few years away from winning the Super Bowl. Some people question Rosen’s heart and character but I don’t see that being a problem in Denver as he will have plenty of people to hold him accountable.

6. New York Jets ~Mike McGlinchey, OT, Norte Dame

The Jets basically need a whole new offense and since the top three quarterbacks are already off the board, what better place to start than at a foundational position like tackle. McGlinchey has proven himself to be a great pass blocker and will undoubtedly be an amazing asset to any signal caller the team may bring in this offseason.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ~ Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB, Bama

Fitzpatrick is very versatile and should fit in well with a Buccaneers defense who is looking to step up their game and get back to the place they were two years ago when they were close to making the playoffs. Some experts may be afraid that he doesn’t have a true position but he is an explosive playmaker and the best defensive player to come out of Alabama in awhile. He should have no problem fitting in and adapting regardless of what position he ends up at.

8. Chicago Bears ~ Courtland Sutton , WR, SMU

This kid might come from a small school but once he hits the combine and scouts start seeing how dynamic he can be with a 6-foot-4, 220 pound frame, you will most definitely start hearing comparisons to Calvin Johnson as his stock skyrockets. He isn’t quite as big or the powerhouse that Megatron was, but he is surprisingly agile with the ball in his hands. He’s exactly the type of a player the Bears need to pair with second year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

9. Oakland Raiders ~ Denzel Ward, CB, OSU

The Raiders have needs all over their defense, with the biggest one being at cornerback. Ward was a big time playmaker at Ohio State and is regarded by many as the number one corner in the draft. He should make an immediate impact for new coach John Gruden and help take some pressure off of Khalil Mack.

10. San Francisco 49ers ~ Calvin Ridley, WR, Bama

I have a feeling we are going hear the name “Jimmy Garapallo” many times before September rolls around. Once John Lynch adds some weapons for him in April’s draft, the praises should start to grow even louder and stronger. Ridley is a great addition with his quickness and outstanding playmaking ability and should fit right into to this offense which seems to have plans to take the world by storm.

11. Miami Dolphins ~Quenton Nelson, OG, Norte Dame

It’s unreal how dominant this guy is against both the pass and the run in almost every situation. He likes to lock on to a guy and drive him backwards while creating a hole, but also knows when to slip off and look for a defender to block at the next level. He instantly improves whichever line you place him on and should help the Dolphins reestablish themselves no matter which direction they head on offense.

12. Cincinnati Bengals ~ Arden Key, OLB, LSU

Key plays with an enthusiasm that is almost unmatched even on the college level. He is tall and long and wastes little time coming up and around the edge with a nonstop motor. Not only is he a distraction to quarterbacks because of the pressure he brings but he is also a threat to swat away passes with those long arms. He will definitely help make this Bengals defense even more dangerous than it already has been over the years.

13. Washington Redskins ~ Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma

It doesn’t seem likely that Kirk Cousins will be back with Washington next season and if he signs somewhere else before the draft, it would make sense for the Redskins to go after a quarterback. Mayfield has the potential to be a great quarterback in the league and is the vocal leader that this team needs. His off-field issues could be a distraction at first but should be easily forgotten as long as he keeps his nose clean.

14. Green Bay Packers ~ Joshua Jackson, CB, Iowa

On quite a few occasions recently, the Packers defense has been absolutely shredded by opposing receivers. They have added a new defensive coordinator who tends to be aggressive and brings pressure with different fronts. Because of that he likes big, physical corners who can slow down receivers at the line. Jackson should fit right into that philosophy and also has the ability to make plays once the ball is in the air.

15. Arizona Cardinals ~ Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma

At six-foot-eight, three-hundred-forty-five pounds, Orlando Brown is a monster on the offensive line and should be an excellent addition to help the Cardinals adjust to life after Carson Palmer. He has long arms, decent mobility and flexibility for a big man. He sometimes struggles with pad level in pass blocking, so may be more comfortable on the right side of the line at least until he has time to adjust to the speed of the NFL.

16. Baltimore Ravens ~ Derrius Guice, RB, LSU

The Ravens haven’t a had a consistent running back for quite some time now. Guice has the potential to be a star in this league from the very beginning. He lacks the home run speed that some of the other backs in this draft have, but his quickness and football I.Q. help him tear off some decent runs anyway. He plays with passion and is a great piece for any team to build around in the future.

17. Los Angeles Chargers ~ Tremaine Edmunds, OLB, Virginia Tech

The Chargers are starting to look very solid and deep across their entire roster. Adding another high energy playmaker with a nonstop motor just makes them that much more dangerous to opposing teams. Edmunds seems to always be penetrating the backfield both in passing and rushing situations and should bring great leadership to a team who seems ready to make that next step.

18. Seattle Seahawks ~ Bryce Love, RB, Stanford

After a few failed attempts to replace Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks are becoming desperate for a playmaker at the running back position. Love isn’t necessarily going to give you the power running game Seattle is used to but he will definitely bring excitement and help add that extra dimension to a unit that has looked uncharacteristically stale over the last two years.

19. Dallas Cowboys ~ Da’Ron Payne, DT, Bama

The Cowboys are trying to patch up a defense which has quite a bit of talent and brought quite a lot of pressure against quarterbacks last season. Payne just kept getting better as his career wore on and his stock just seems to be rising in the wake of his performance in the Title Game. He has a subtle style of getting pressure up the middle but if he brings to the NFL even a portion of the dominance he showed in college, he will be bringing the noise for a long time.

20. Detroit Lions ~ Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson

Detroit has quite a few needs on both sides of the ball but none quite as pressing as getting pressure on the opposing teams quarterback. Ferrell addresses that need immediately by giving them a guy that can crash around the edge and strike fear into signal callers and ball carriers alike. The scary part is that he is still getting better and we may not have even caught a glimpse of his ceiling yet.

21. Buffalo Bills ~ Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

The Bills have back to back picks here and and a chance to greatly improve a squad that just got back to the playoffs after a long drought. It seems illogical for them to want another project at quarterback, but when your project has as much talent and potential as Jackson does, it’s definitely worth the effort. This seems like a match made in heaven for a team needing a savior and a quarterback in need of a team to believe in his ability.

22. Buffalo Bills ~ Vita Vea, DT, Washington

At six-foot-five, three hundred and forty-five pounds, Vea is a space eating monster in the middle of the field who can be a major annoyance to quarterbacks and a brick wall against running backs. He is often compared to Haloti Ngata and not only do they share size and appearance but they have a similar style of making the interior of the line almost disappear as they attack it. He will instantly improve the defensive side of the ball and give them another dangerous weapon.

23. Los Angeles Rams ~ Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M

This kid is dynamite as a receiver and even though it seems like the Rams a ton of pass catchers right now, Sammy Watkins who led the team with eight touchdowns, is a free agent and could be moving on. Yes, the Rams still have six receivers under contract but that doesn’t negate the fact that Todd Gurley was their leading pass catcher as a running back. Kirk gives them big play ability and another great weapon for blooming quarterback Jerad Goff.

24. Carolina Panthers ~ Taven Bryan, DT

Imagine if for some reason J.J. Watt started playing for the Panthers defense. Insane Right? That’s exactly what they call this guy and if you watch any tape on him you will be too. You can’t stop him even with a double team and if you try he will just make you look foolish as he stonewalls your running backs and throws your quarterback to the turf with one hand. The Panthers D only gets tougher and Bryan has a team who will appreciate his dominance.

25. Tennessee Titans ~ Sam Hubbard, DE, Ohio State

It’s refreshing to see the Titans back in the playoffs and finally on the uptick. This team has a plethora of young talent that is still only getting better. Now add a guy like Hubbard who stepped in for Joey Bosa and brought the pain. That kind of pressure off the edge is exactly what the Titans need to continue to contend in the future.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars, Dallas Goedert, TE, South Dakota State

You may have not even heard about him yet, but trust me on this one, after the Senior Bowl and combine you will know exactly who this cat is. Goedert has the look of a future Gronk and the talent to possibly make that come true. Toss him into a Jaguars offense that is starting to make some noise and dangerous things are on tap in Jacksonville.

27. Atlanta Falcons ~ Deshon Elliott, S, Texas

So far from the tape I have watched, I have reached the conclusion that this kid is the most underrated player in the 2018 draft. He is a ballhawk and a punishing tackler, exactly the kind of player you want roaming the middle of your defensive backfield and the exact type of safety the Falcons need to start to complete their defense. This should be an easy choice here for a team who is building their defense in the image of the Seahawks.

28. New Orleans Saints ~ Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State

This seems a little high to go after the sixth quarterback already in this draft, especially some experts have him as a third round prospect but it may not be so bad when you realizing that some people still have him as the top prospect and plenty of other teams would love to snag him up before the Saints get to Pick again. Yes, Rudolph has a few hitches in his giddy up but nothing that a few years learning behind Drew Brees can’t fix.

29. Pittsburgh Steelers ~ Justin Reid, S, Stanford

If your gonna mention a kid in the same breath as Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, people are gonna listen and in this case it’s legitimate. Reid has a brother in the NFL but he’s not hesitating to make a name for himself at Stanford. The Steelers could end up with a lot of major holes to fill if Roethlisberger and Le’Veon Bell decide to retire but for now they need defense and he gives them a big boost.

30. Philadelphia Eagles ~ Donte Jackson, CB, LSU

I’m still not sure why Jackson is not playing on the other side of the ball. He’s ridiculously fast, has great hands and always times his leap so he gets to the ball at the peak of his jump. He’s rated lower because some experts consider him too small for the NFL and he’s a gambler. Watch his tape though and you’ll see that he plays way bigger than his size and yeah he may take chances but nobody is crying when it pays off.

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