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Prep: Top High School Football Players To Watch In 2016-17

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By Shawn Stevenson

With the football season fast approaching the best quarterbacks are all set to put on the show for athletic endurance and ability. Before the start of the season, many players engage in specialized quarterback trainings to have the advantage over the other team.

And so the tradition goes on for kids, parents and coaches to get together for camping activities and bonfires. Many students are seen wearing their varsity jackets in support for their school team at such activities and events to share their experiences and football stories.

With the game becoming more competitive and aggressive, many high school associations are on the lookout for new talents and sports athletes who can improve participation, establish consistent winning standards and practice the rules of the game. With schools looking for players who can do more than just carry or pass the ball, players should commit themselves for the winning of the game as it continues to evolve with more coaches, game officials, cheer leaders and spectators.

Here are some of the new talents who are making the news before the kickoff season.

Many high school football stars are rising up the charts of potential college recruiter’s boards, Ryan Johnson of St. Paul’s is a rising senior defensive lineman receiving many offers from colleges around the nation.

With the extra muscle power that he will bring to the team, the 6’4 240-pound athletic star from Mobile, Alabama has his focus on Alabama, Auburn, Duke, Florida State, LSU, Michigan and many more.

Stave Mask, St. Paul’s head coach says, ‘’He has a lot running around in his brain, he has to get more focused on where he really wants to spend the next five years of his life and on Aug. 1, he needs to be focused on St. Paul’s football. He’s appreciative of everyone who has come through and talked to him.

However, it’s like looking for a job. If you have a lot of offers, you have to narrow it down in order to make the best choice in the end. You can’t go in 44 different directions. This is a good step for Ryan at this time.”

With an impressive football resume of 58 tackles, four sacks and six quarterback hurries, the Saints won a second consecutive class 5A state title.

Bailey McElwain, who was committed to Stanford, delayed his enrollment as he plans to stay in Trussville before spending the next season at Lake Forest Academy. He is taking a gap year to decide and explore his experiences outside Stanford. The 6’0 231-pound player started off as a middle linebacker and perfected himself as a blocking fullback.

Darius Bracy, a 5’10 185-pound quarterback for Baker High (Mobile, AL), rushed 12 times for 188 yards for three touchdowns in the game against Blount in the first half of a May spring prep football game. With the high school football season soon to begin, these players are off to a good start and will face the odds against each other when the kickoff day finally arrives.


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