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Prison Break: 7 Burning Questions Following The Season 5 Premiere

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Fans can no longer say Prison Break has not been on tv since 2009 anymore. After about an eight year hiatus, the hit show has officially returned! The first episode of the nine episode run, which is titled “Ogygia” aired last night on Fox.

Leading up to the shows return, fans had plenty of questions. First of all, how the hell was Michael still alive! The last we had seen him we were left to believe he had died, sacrificing himself for the betterment of his brother and lover. Fans were also asking why would T-Bag inform Lincoln of Michael’s true fate? How did he become aware of Michael still being alive? Is the Company still lurking about?

Sure, the first episode answered a number of these pre-return type of questions. But like any good show, it also left fans with a batch of new ones. Well luckily for us, we should be given the answers over the course of the next eight weeks, not the next eight years.


With episode one of season five in the books, here are some of the top questions we are left with as we look ahead to the return of Michael, Lincoln and Prison Break!

Who left the envelope for T-Bag? And why give it to him and not Lincoln?

Seriously, why T-Bag!? Whoever was behind this clearly knows that T-Bag and Michael share a history. But it is not exactly a good history. So of all the people to reveal the truth to, it is certainly a puzzling one to go to a man that hates Michael’s guts.

But there clearly needs to be a reason. We just have not learned the full truth yet. And when we do, we should also learn who the mystery person or group is. Because we have no idea of that either! Why do they want to reveal the fact that Michael is still out there? Is it for his own good? Or are they looking to get T-Bag, Linc, Sara and the crew in some hot water! So many questions!

Who is trying to kill Lincoln and Sara?

So we know there is a man and a woman. But they feel like Gretchen type henchmen of sorts. First the guy takes control of Linc’s rental car, sending him flying through the windshield into the water (which was a bit over the top in all honesty). Then the man was ready to go shoot Mr. Burrows down, but luckily so bystanders came over to see if Linc was alright.

Then we had the lady who came to Sara’s home. She broke in, shot Sara’s new husband in the leg, but was forced to leave when she heard the police sirens. But one thing was clear. The intent was to take out Linc and Sara for good.

We would assume this has to do with their discovery that Michael may actually be alive. So whoever is after them, clearly wants to keep that fact a secret. So that leads me to believe they are not the same person who sent the envelope to T-Bag. Because why would you bring something to light if you were just going to go hunt down people trying to investigate the same thing?

Who is “Nobody” and why did they want T-Bag to get a robo-hand?

After T-Bag gets out and is browsing his laptop (which may or may not have been left by the person who left the envelope), he gets a message about a prosthetics appointment late that evening. Sure enough, he shows up. The doctor explains someone approved his grant for a very complex procedure. But only under the condition that T-Bag be the first patient.

It was later revealed by the doctor that this person is essentially going by the name “Nobody”. Who that could be is an answer we likely won’t know for a few weeks. But the bigger question is why the heck would they want to help T-Bag? That was a pretty awesome looking hand. Surely better than the crap one he was sporting at the start of the episode.

Is “Nobody” the person who left the envelope? Or are they the ones who wants Linc and Sara dead? Considering T-Bag seems convinced him and Linc are going to be joined at the hip, I do feel confident that “Nobody” will definitely be the answer to one of those two questions.

What do the tattoos on Michael’s hands mean?

We did not get to see a ton of Michael in this episode. But when we did, there was plenty of focus on his hands. In particular, the new tats that he was sporting on the palms of his hands. So what could they possibly mean? The easy answer is the blueprints to get him out of the prison he is in.

But obviously, that just seems too easy. One way or another, it is certainly a nice nod to the first season. A key element was the full body tattoo Michael is sporting, as they were in reality his escape plan. So even if the new tats are not blueprints, they will certainly play a big role in this season.

How the hell is Linc going to get out of Yemen without a passport?

In order to get into the prison to see if Michael was in there, Lincoln needed to trade his passport. So this one is pretty straightforward. When the time comes to leave Yemen, most likely with Michael, how are they going to get back to the U.S.?

Something tells me Michael is not going to have a passport either. So things are not going to be as simple as hopping on a plane.

Why does Michael deny who he is to Linc and C-Note?

After eight years apart, we finally got to see Michael and Linc face to face once again at the end of the episode. Linc got all choked up and fans were expecting a bit of an emotional reunion. But then Michael flat out denied he was actually himself.

But you could still see in Michael’s eyes some serious pain. When he looked away from his brother there was some serious sorrow. It was almost as if he knew that by Lincoln showing up, he would be in some serious trouble. After all, that is probably why he was is in this prison. He sacrificed himself in order to keep the ones he loved safe, most likely by making a deal with someone (“Nobody” maybe? Or more likely, whoever is trying to kill Linc and Sara).

Hopefully this is a question we get the answer to this one next week. This was the episode’s big cliffhanger. And it is certainly the question that will keep me, and many others, coming back for more.

What has Michael gotten himself into and how is he still alive?

When Michael sacrificed himself eight years ago, he did it because he knew he didn’t have much time left. He was terminally ill, and simply did not have much time left to live. So how is he still standing today, in a Yemen prison? Did he make a deal with someone in return for a cure and safe passage for Linc and Sara?

Was part of this deal getting himself locked up in the most hardcore Yemen prison? Most likely to help break out a bunch of Yemen’s worst. Maybe that’s why he denies his true identity to Linc. He knows Linc cannot be involved in this prison break, as it will only get him killed.

Or maybe it is something else entirely. But one thing is pretty obvious. Michael has gotten himself into the thick of something big. We just need to wait a few more weeks to find out for sure.

So there you have it! Are there any other major questions you found yourself asking following the conclusion of this episode? Tell us in the comments!

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