When it comes to buying Kratom, the new wonder drug that is starting to sweep the nation in an amazingly new pain-relieving storm, there are numerous sites and vendors out there that offer the product in different strains and forms. Whether you’re looking for powder, or pills that are already premade, sites like www.KratomCountry.com are already providing all types of kratom for you.

Sure, you can look online and find vendors from places like Amazon, eBay, and more. But these vendors cannot be as trustworthy as a store that specialized in nothing but selling kratom. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to buy kratom powder and pills online for cheap prices.

Catch Sales

Kratom Country offers numerous sales, and they typically have them posted on their main page. When you can, be sure to order during sale times, as well as during peak times where sales are highest (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, other holidays) as many places will have sales listed on these dates or around them.

Know Your Supplier

Do extensive research on the website. Some shops give loyalty discounts for those who spend a certain amount, as well as if you do things like upgrade shipping. The more you buy, the more you generally save. Also, look throughout your supplier’s site to see if all they offer is powder or pills. Some vendors will actually also sell kratom leaf which is not so finely ground up, and is not processed, ground, or packaged in a pill which can save you money (you, of course, have to do all of this by yourself.

Check Reviews

Kratom is not an FDA, DEA, or even USDA medical supplement. However, it’s been used for centuries. Make sure you completely check reviews on the web store you’re shopping at. Don’t just limit yourself to their own website and product reviews, because these are often legitimate, but most testimonials that are boasted on a website are boosted because they’re the best reviews they have and are carefully selected for positive marketing. At the same time, if you look for other reviews or articles, be sure that they aren’t biased. Make sure you look at all positives and negatives.

Make Sure Your Company is Not Cutting

There are plenty of vendors out there who are offering kratom which is actually cut with other “leaves” and herbs that don’t do a single thing for you! When you buy from companies like Kratom Country, and a couple of others, you get prime kratom which is selectively chosen and analyzed. This ensures that the product you will receive is a quality product.


When it comes to buying kratom, you can find cheaper alternatives sometimes, but this is exactly the problem because you don’t always get what you pay for, or sometimes you might, but it’s not a quality product. Also, make sure your vendor tells you dosage instructions and has plenty of educational information on them as well if you don’t know exactly what kratom is and what it’s used for.

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