Did you know that instead of burning carbohydrates, the body can burn fat and produce fuel for energy at the end? Yes, you probably knew this because you’re in ketosis! This is the type of ketosis known as nutritional ketosis. The decrease in your body’s glucose level will see to the metabolization of stored fats in the body. Dr Keto Diet Review reports that the name ketosis is derived from the fatty acids, ketones, that are released in this process.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

Keeping up a ketogenic diet which comprises of more fatty foods and fewer carbohydrates enhances this process. It can be understood as low car high fat which simply means the intake of more fats than carbs. The fats shall be metabolized for energy, and the body gets used to this the more it’s done. This is a pretty amazing way of eating and incorporating this in your diet is one huge and bold step towards healthy living.

KetoLogic vs. Ketologie

Now that you know about a ketogenic diet, why don’t we find out which between KetoLogic and Ketologie will work best for you? They sound similar, right? You might even get confused. Well, don’t get confused just yet!


In approaching nutrition which is the most important aspect of both health and fitness, KetoLogic, as the name suggests, takes a reasonable or what you’d call, “logical” approach. It thus enhances a keto way of eating for its users and allows them to live a ketogenic lifestyle. Their keto recipes are, according to a majority opinion, quite satisfying, which means that they obviously are delicious. For energy and brain stability, form maintenance and weight loss, these recipes stand out in the market, and they are a go-to!


Ketologie, in the same line, has amazing keto products and recipes that offer the best solutions to weight loss and a healthy keto life. They too have a goal of getting you through a healthy diet, not only through their products but also recipes and guidance. Perhaps what really stands out with Ketologie is the study they take you through before you can decide to make a purchase of their products or use their recipes. You see, it’s more important to understand what you need and why you need it, rather than starting off on products that may never help you attain your goals because their effect on your body will not be the same as your expectations.

So, KetoLogic or Ketologie?

The first thing that distinguishes the two is the last letter in KetoLogic that is absent in Ketologie. KetoLogic products are equally as good and as diverse as those of Ketologie. However, the simple fact that Ketologie is more interested in helping their customers understand what they’re doing and why they need the products makes it stand out. At the end of the day, the two are equally as good, and your preference will win at the end of the day.

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