PURE by FQNZY is trending for ALBUM OF THE YEAR

It is clear that FRQNZY is not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. After recently dropping his first classic solo album “Pure”, he has been busy making music since. Despite the fact that I have selected 11 songs that are fairly long enough to encompass the whole body of work but so precise, that they are over before you realize it. Nevertheless, you are fulfilled. Pure doesnt feel like you are “Trying” to get through the album, you enjoy it without even realizing it! The album has received steady buzz throughout social media, suggesting that this is one of FRQNZY’s most raw bodies of work, where the visceral journey of tracks, has touched fans worldwide. This album has a very high level of talent and features a very diverse range of artists. There is increasing interest in “Pure,” amongst  the hip-hop community. The message in this masterpiece is one of optimism, FRQNZY has given us much to contemplate. There is nothing that we are expecting from a top tier lyricsit like this to provide songs such as ‘If I Heartbreak,’ ‘Done Trying,’ ‘ Fascinating’, & ‘Imagination.’. What separates Frqnzy from the competition is that he is able to jump into any genre and consume it, and fit like a glove,but in his own way plus become vulnerable and true to himself which is why the entire album feels so authentic. 


This album is truly the definition of why he calls himself FRQNZY because he is everything it defines. Pushing his vocals to the limits, cadences are just not what music is giving us. It’s refreshing and it almost gives hip hop a new sense of hope. You only get 1 of these artists every century or decade if you’re lucky. When that happens, that leaves an indelible mark that inspires other artists long after it is gone. Frqnzy has over 1200+ songs recorded in different genres. It is said he never has to write another song if he doesn’t want to, but does due to the times and sounds changing. It would amaze you to find out, however, how some of the songs from “Pure” have been played for years! You can imagine his laptop being full of amazing sounds and vibes. One thing I love about “Pure” is its natural, organic, from the cover to the  tracks. It’s a masterpiece. Simply amazing was the perfect touch to end what we would call a classic. It’s available on all streaming platforms and will be added to Datpiff also for the fans who are struggling during covid and just don’t have the money to captivate the  PURE experience. 


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