Sandeep JL is on the rise for a few a few years now in Hollywood as a movie director, actor and stunt coordinator. He last film ‘Outrage’ was released in 2020, despite the corona virus pandemic. It was his directorial debut and he was the lead actor of the film, showcasing some neatly choreographed high intensity fight sequences performed by him. He is getting ready for his next films which will all start filming soon. On a recent interview with INSC Magazine the action star shares about his martial arts and movie career.

Hello Sandeep! How are you? Your film Outrage was released last year and it was widely recognized for it’s concept and your ability to make action films. How did you manage to direct these type of action films on an extremely low budget? 

Well I’ve been practicing martial arts since I was five years old. I was 12 years old when I decided to become a movie director. So my strong martial arts background in different fighting styles help me a lot to make these type of fight scenes on screen. The people I’m surrounded with also have strong knowledge in making martial arts movies, which helps me a lot to make martial arts films effortlessly.

Who inspired you the most to become a martial arts actor?

Well no one inspired me to become a martial arts actor. I just simply loved martial arts and acting and films. Which I later incorporated together to make some beautiful visuals on screen. Basically I am a story teller. An artist. So I like to bring all my talents into one place to create some beautiful art.

How did you get into directing your first film?

It was not easy. I didn’t have anything to begin with. So I just literally went for it, hoping that everything will turn out good. And I managed to make it.

How did the pandemic affected your film and career? 

The film was completed in 2019. We were expecting an early 2020 release and the pandemic happened. It affected the movie release a lot. Not only Outrage, I lost a lot of other movie opportunities as an actor and also lost other opportunities to work behind the camera in many other films. It was a rough year.  It also affected my health conditions a lot not being able to train martial arts properly because all the training facilities closed down.

Now you are preparing for your next film Blood Hunt, how do you see yourself in the next few years? 

I just wanted to do a few more movies in the next few years, which I have already planned and written. Get better at what I’m doing. I have certain goals in my mind for the next few years, which I will definitely achieve. I believe this year is always the preparation for the next year. So my current focus will always be about this year.

When it comes about art, what do you prefer the most? Martial arts or movies?

For me there is no movies without martial arts and there is no martial arts without movies. I believe both are two side of the same coin in my life.

Do you have any plan in teaching martial arts or starting a martial arts school?

Not at the moment. I would love to teach others, always. But a school will put a lot of restrictions on me at the moment, which cannot happen. I used teach martial arts before and owned martial arts schools at different stages in my life. My first martial arts school I opened was at the age of seventeen and I had it for an year. I closed it down when I became busy with college.

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