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Ravine Flyer II At Waldameer Isn’t Your Typical Wooden Coaster

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In my opinion, no wooden coaster will topple the Beast ( I’ve yet to ride The Voyage at Holiday Park though. ) However, I will give credit where it’s due. Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer is an extraordinary coaster.

The signature ride at Waldameer in Erie, Pennsylvania, this coaster is one of the more enjoyable I’ve been on this year. Surprising, considering it sits at a small park such as Waldameer. Normally these parks don’t pack much of a punch, but this particular park/coaster combo really did a number on me.

You’re not going to find very many wooden coasters that give you the thrill of Ravine Flyer II. Unlike The Beast, this coaster gives you an insane amount of airtime. Similar to the newest wooden coaster gem, Mystic Timbers at Kings Island, this isn’t your mom’s wooden coaster. It’s filled with ejector air moments.

I wasn’t expecting much going into Waldameer. To be quite honest, I didn’t do much homework on the park or the rides there. It wasn’t until I passed a billboard stating Ravine Flyer II was the ranked the 5th best wooden coaster in the world that got me intrigued.

I’ll say this, the billboard wasn’t lying.

Ravine Flyer II is an outstanding coaster. With top speeds of 57 mph, a 90 degree banked right turn ( which feels extremely intense ), and two instances of traveling over a state road, it’s full of elements to keep even the most dedicated of coaster fans satisfied.

Once I saw that The Gravity Group were the ones behind this coaster, I knew it was going to be a fantastic ride. I had yet to ride any wooden coaster from The Gravity Group. Hearing such good things about them, and their newest coaster, Mine Blower, I knew I had to give it a shot. The end result is a new fan of GG and their creations.

My only complaint about Ravine Flyer II are the restraints. While I know safety comes first, I kind of wish the train didn’t have both a lap bar and seat belt. I would have been fine with both had I been able to keep my lap bar a little loose. The ride banged up my legs and thighs a tad too much. I guess that comes with the territory though.

It’s not the smoothest wooden coaster you’ll find, but Ravine Flyer II is such an enjoyable coaster. From the amount of airtime to the fast speed, it’s a worthwhile coaster for anyone looking for a thrill. If you’re going to be near the area of Waldameer make sure to give Ravine Flyer II a ride.

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  1. The original Ravine Flyer also cross Peninsula Drive and had an accident in which a rider fell out (he was standing up) and got killed by a passing car. Penndot required that the RFII have the seat belts in order to get the permit to cross the road.

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