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Boston Red Sox Clinch AL East Title

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The four-year drought is over for the Boston Red Sox.  On Thursday night, Boston’s 93rd victory of the 2013 campaign earned them their first trip to Major League Baseball’s post season since 2009.  With their 6-3 win over the Toronto Blue Jays last night, the Red Sox’s 94th victory clinched their first American League East title since 2007.

Have the Red Sox defied the odds by winning the division?  If you ask Joe Sheehan of Sports Illustrated, yes they have.  In his article: “My baseball predictions for 2013,” Sheehan stated that “after a decade of hegemony, age and questionable management push the Yankees and Red Sox down the totem pole…”  What must also be remembered is that 90% of baseball people also had the Blue Jays winning the division.  That definitely has not and will not happen.

Here is a link to Joe’s article on SI’s website.  His predictions match up well with what most people thought would happen this year, so this article is worth a look.


Have the Red Sox defied the odds by winning the division?  No.  They have not.  As a lifetime Blue Jays fan, I have learned never to bet against the Red Sox.  Boston is a team who simply finds ways to win, and then executes on those ways.  What most people do not realize is that winning is a mentality, not a given. There MUST be a will to win, which this 2013 edition of the Red Sox certainly has.

So what gives the Red Sox this immense will to win?  For starters, the fans and the people of the great city of Boston, who with their undying and unmovable loyalty, support their team day in and day out.  Loyalty never wears thin for Sox fans.

One thing that everyone must remember about this season is how the team, and the city of Boston, rallied together to become stronger than ever before after the tragic events that took place during the afternoon of April 15 near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  There are no words to describe the pain that was felt by not only Boston, but by the world.  Without a doubt, it is fair to say that the words “Boston Strong” mean a lot to the Red Sox and the city of Boston.

As the Red Sox close out the remaining games in the schedule, they deserve to be very proud of what they have accomplished thus far in 2013.  Not only did they prove the baseball world wrong for doubting them, but united an entire city with their heart and determination.

Well done Boston, well done.

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