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Red Wine Or White Wine: Choose According To Your Health

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Wine, as we all know, is beneficial to health. Drinking wine in moderation can help you prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, etc. The primary difference between red wine and white wine is the difference in their colour. This difference arises in the process in which both the wines are made and also the type of grapes used in the manufacturing process.

Red wine is prepared using red and black grapes, and on the other hand, white wine requires white grapes. Red wine is made by fermenting crushed grapes for one or two weeks in Oak barrels, whereas white wine is made by removing the skin and seeds of white grapes and blended with yeast and aged in stainless steel vats for fermentation.

So the question that arises is which of these two wines is better for your health? Reading this article would help you answer this question on your own.


  1. Red wine has more potent antioxidants compared to white wine

Both red and white wines consist of antioxidants. But the strength of antioxidants in red wine is more. The antioxidants present in red wine are known as resveratrol, which protects your blood vessels and also prevents blood clots. Resveratrol helps you to get control over your cholesterol levels. Red wine helps to regulate blood pressure.


  1. Red wine stops premature aging

Red wine contains polyphenols, which prevents the early onset of aging. Who is in a hurry to grow old, right? So get yourself a glass or two of red wine every day to keep yourself young and healthy.


Here red wine gets the upper hand over white wine.


  1. Red wine provides you more energy


Generally, while drinking, nobody thinks about calories, right?

Red wine can provide you with 125 calories, while white wine provides you with 115 calories.


  1. Red wine contains more levels of nutrients compared to white wine


Although red and white wines are neck to neck compared to the amounts of nutrients both contain, the former has the edge over the later.


  1. Red wine increases bone density


Red wine contains more amounts of silicon in comparison to white wine. It helps to elevate the bone density levels and also reduce the chance of osteoporosis.


  1. Red wine reduces the risk of heart disease


Research suggests that red wine provides a protective effect on the cardiovascular system. Facts indicate the risk of heart disease has decreased by 30%.


  1. Red wine improves your body’s resistive power


Red wine contains higher levels of ethanol, which helps to increase the strength of vaccinations. Also, it contains flavonoids which help you to combat against approximately over 200 viruses. It reduces the chance of cold and flu occuring and stops germs from multiplying inside your body.


  1. Red wine can improve your eyesight


Resveratrol present in red wine prevents your eye muscles from weakening. It also stops the growth of blood vessels in your eye.



I am pretty sure you can identify who’s the winner between red and white wine. Don’t waste your discount codes and get yourself a bottle of red wine to enjoy the majestic qualities that red wine possesses using Majestic Wine discount code & Drink Supermarket Discount Codes. But moderation is the key. Overconsumption of alcohol can lead to various health issues. A couple of ounces of red wine per day is perfect for your body.



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