Reignite the Lost Spark

There is no secret in the fact that the honeymoon phase is the best time in any relationship. The feeling of butterflies in the stomach and immense passion shared with your partner seems never-ending when suddenly one day a harsh reality strikes and the so-called honeymoon phase vanishes.

The rate of breakups and divorce is on the rise due to the same reason. In initial days, couples experience extreme love for each other but as time passes and they understand the effort involved in staying monogamous, they feel they made a mistake and many times part their ways. Well, if you fear the same thing happening with your relationship; you have come to the right place.

Following are some tips to reignite the lost spark in your relationship;

  1. Maintain the Mystery

So, what is different today from the time you started dating your partner? Well. for starters, you did not share the same bathroom. People do not understand the importance of mystery in the relationship. When you are learning about someone and feel that you have so much to learn it exhilarates you. The same thing happens with your partner. But couples have this weird knowledge that they should share every minor detail about themselves with their partner. Honesty is good but no suspense in a relationship becomes too boring for many people to handle and ultimately can cause a split. Creating a slightest of suspense can renew an old relationship.

  1. Chemicals to Recreate the Lost Attraction:

Remember the first time you and your partner met and how you felt drawn to each other? Well, it was the Dopamine produced by the hypothalamus of the brain which made you feel rushed, excited and attracted towards each other.

Pheromone for males is another such chemical that works outside the human body and induces attraction and sexual arousal in the opposite-sex partner. This is a natural phenomenon where molecules of Pheromone signals are sensed by the opposite sex as it is sent to the hypothalamus of the brain which alters hormones and emotions in them causing a change in sexual behavior. Though this is a natural process, experts have been able to replicate the same effects.

  1. Do Things Together:

At the beginning of a relationship, couples love to do silly things together but as a relationship grows old, the only thing they do is to take a vacation after months. Doing things together does not mean taking a seldom vacations. It means that doing small things together more frequently and enjoying them. You can watch movies every week, explore a new food joint or swim together.

  1. Be Affectionate:

Remember how good it felt when your partner showed affection towards you every time you met or said bye to each other? Surely your partner felt the same way too. Research suggests that the sense of touch helps in keeping the spark alive so do not stop being affectionate just because you have been married for years or dating for a very long time.

  1. Spend Some Time Apart:

Now, this must be sounding a complete opposite of what we have suggested above. Ok, to clarify, what we mean by asking you to spend time apart from your partner is that enjoy your individual spaces. Spending time with a partner does not necessarily mean you that you have to stick together the entire time. Sometimes spending some time apart can bring back you and your partners perspective about what you both liked about each other the first place and why are you together. Sometimes spending time apart brings two people closer than ever.

Do not expect to achieve results in a few days by making these changes as maintaining a loving and lasting relationship needs a lifetime of nurture, patience, and care.

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