Anyone can be a prey of the mental illness. Be it a man or a woman or a child. Here we are going to talk about women’s mental health and how to keep her mind sharp and strong despite all the illnesses. The treatment for mental illness are many and involves various multidisciplinary professionals like psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, mental health aids, peer support experts and so on.

The women’s mental health is of utmost importance and you must know that there is not only one fit all approach for mental health treatment. These treatments are to be tailored as per the individuals. However, you must understand that mental health problems always vary from an individual to an individual.

Check out the mental health treatments for the welfare of women’s mental health!!

Psychiatric Hospitalization- This type of hospitalization occurs whenever a person is admitted to a private hospital or a medical hospital or a state psychiatric hospital. This is a treatment that typically includes all the stabilization, medication, close monitoring, administration of the nutrition and the fluids and various other necessary emergency cares and so on. There are people who might be involuntarily or voluntarily hospitalized for the same. An individual might be involuntarily hospitalized if he/she is gravely disabled or is a danger for himself or the others.  Any individual becomes a candidate for the psychiatric hospitalization when they are suffering from the following symptoms –

  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Not slept or eaten for a few days
  • Numerous mental health symptoms
  • Homicidal or suicidal ideation
  • Losing the ability to care for themselves due to the mental health disorder

Inpatient or Residential Mental Health Treatment- It is also popularly known as the residential mental health treatment that takes place in the patient’s residential facility on the 24/7 hours basis. This is a level of care that is best suited for the people who are in the constant need of the medical supervision along with the relatively severe and long term symptoms and have not shown significant process even after the outpatient mental health interventions. This mental health treatment is an inpatient facility that consists of various treatments like medication, group therapy, individual therapy, counseling, medical supervision, complementary therapies, recreational therapies, yoga, meditation and so on. There are various treatments that offer luxury along with executive options. There are various centers that include various private rooms, massage and spa treatment, gourmet meals, swimming pools, fitness centers, other luxury and executive amenities such as internet access, workspaces, computers and so on.

Outpatient Mental Health Treatment- This is one of the mental health treatments that does not require the participants to live at the center of treatment, instead of that, the participants come and visit the center of treatment or the therapist’s office within few days of the week as has been scheduled. It is suitable for those who are suffering from mild to moderate symptoms, ability to function outside the environment of treatment, a solid support system, and so on. There are various different mental health treatment solutions that are offered for this outpatient basis and all of this includes- Group therapy, Individual therapy, support groups, family therapy, intensive outpatient care, partial hospitalization, psychiatric medications and outpatient medical management and so on.

Psychotherapy- It is also known as the talk therapy and it has been effectively treated an innumerable number of mental health conditions. It is offered to both the inpatient and outpatient settings. Also, during the talk therapy, a group or an individual discuss their issues with the therapies who are there to help them in the process of feelings, emotions and learning new innate skills. Some of the types of psychotherapies available are –

  • Individual therapy: It is a type of talk therapy where an individual works out on face to face basis with the therapist to address out the unresolved feelings, traumas and the mental health problems at a variety of stages.
  • Group therapy: It is typically based on the therapist who leads. It consists of innumerable participants. This therapy usually focuses on specific topics that everyone together works on. A therapist is the one who might lead you to the group therapy session or the anger management issues.
  • Family therapy: This is a form of psychotherapy where all the family members meet to resolve out their issues. It is often conducted with the help of the licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in the same.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): It is one of the most common types of psychotherapy for individuals. This therapy can be used by anyone on an individual level, family or a group. The CBD therapists are the ones who will address the clients to overcome all the unhealthy thoughts, feelings, emotions, and the behaviors by replacing them out with some realistic talks and conversations along with some constructive behaviors.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT): This is one of the most commonly used treatments for people who are suffering from a borderline personality disorder. This is one such treatment that is used effectively to treat out the individuals by emphasizing and accepting whatever is happening to your mind. It helps in channelizing the thoughts, unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and helps the person in finding out the balance between change and acceptance.
  • Interpersonal therapy: This is one such therapy that helps in the addressing of the problems in various relations and teaches people with the interpersonal and the communication skills to improvise out the quality of the relationships between them. This is one such form of therapy that might be used by the therapists in the form of couple counseling to improvise the quality of relationships. This is for the ones who are suffering from depression for a long time.
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR): This is a type of therapy that helps individuals with post-traumatic stress disorders. During this therapy, the brain is stimulated with the back and forth eye movements which help in the stimulation of the memories of various traumatic events that are needed to be resolved.

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