A bathroom makeover is more challenging than renovating any other part of the house since it happens less often and it should take much thought. Depending on a personal taste, current trends, and functionality, your bathroom is supposed to turn into your sanctuary. It should become a place where you will get to relax and enjoy your beauty routine in a soothing atmosphere and fabulous interior, regardless of its size. A cramped bathroom that can accommodate one person is still big enough to give away perfect style and personality. Know that small space is nothing but a poor excuse for not having a gorgeous bathroom. Read on to find inspiration for your small, look at these guys, but a stylish bathroom.

Basic bathroom, simple and original

If there is not enough time, budget or specific ideas on design, you can always opt for the classic, clean and functional bathroom, without compromising the overall impression and aesthetic. Fortunately, contemporary design allows even smallest bathrooms to look stylish and refined, although, only with the right combination of bathroom elements. Make sure that simple and clean lines dominate the interior and choose simple, earth tones to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Including white color, of course.

Small bathroom that appears larger

If expanding your bathroom is not an option, worry not, because there are tricks that can help your bathroom looks and feels bigger. Use monochromatic color schemes or colors that will add depth to space like shades of gray and blue. A large mirror (or two) will create an impression of bigger space. Also, bright lights have a great effect on interiors making them appear larger than they are. Get rid of unnecessary furniture and look for clever storage solutions. Embrace minimal design and allow the interior to breathe.

Wood in bathroom

In spite of the common use of tiles, ceramics, and concrete in contemporary bathrooms, wood has become a frequently used material. Wooden floors, walls, and vanities make a perfect balance with monochromatic color scheme usually present in most bathrooms. Wooden elements bring warmth and comfort to any space and will create a zen atmosphere in your small bathroom. Although common sense suggests that this material is probably not the best choice for wet places, know that wood works tremendously well in bathrooms, assuming you maintain it properly.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Nothing gives away class and perfect taste like having a fabulous, well-designed stand-alone tub. In small bathrooms, a bathtub like this is a great focal point, making your bathroom look gorgeous. Built-in tubs are a great solution for bathrooms that lack space, and the plumbing is much easier. However, freestanding tubs represent a unique visual statement and stand as a practical and decorative element at the same time. Although a bit more complicated to install, a reliable bathroom renovation service will make sure your freestanding tub is perfectly placed and functional.

Black, gold and brass tones for plumbing fixtures

As if the time of traditional chrome faucets is gone, more and more homeowners opt for slightly different fixtures and bathroom accessory. Black hardware always looks interesting and works well in contemporary bathrooms, especially when combined with white sink and tiles. Brass and golden tones may not be that chic, but they will add warmer and luxurious feel to your bathroom, making it retro in a most elegant way.

Small bathroom tile tips

Tiles come in all sorts of patterns, sizes, and shapes, but still, not every pattern work well in small bathrooms. To make your bathroom more spacious go with light colors and reflective surfaces. Do not clutter the space with too many patterns and make sure to choose the right size of tiles. Smaller tiles create the somewhat busy feel, so look for larger tiles that will fit in well. Avoid patterned floor tiles and consider using the same tiling from floor to ceiling.


Renovating a bathroom, big or small, takes creativity and good planning to create a perfect refuge from the outer world and to enjoy your daily bathroom routine. Make sure to give it a makeover that you deserve, spend some time looking for inspiration, envision your oasis and when completely sure of every detail, go for it.


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