We expect our politicians to bring more than rhetoric to the table. We expect solutions, and as uncertainty continues to grip our world, some leaders aren’t afraid to demand it. Our communities are plagued with real-life problems. Republican candidate John Anthony Castro explains, “Now is not the time for pie-in-the-sky-ideals.” John Anthony Castro announced his intent to run for the US Senate against incumbent Senator John Cornyn in the upcoming elections. John has launched a solutions-based campaign. 

L​aunching a solutions-based campaign was the obvious choice during these tumultuous times. “You know, building thriving communities is all about taking the first step,” explains John. John’s vision includes a Pre-K to Ph.D. education plan, healthcare for all, tax-free retirement, and energy-independent jobs. “These are issues that directly affect citizens right now, and they are issues my campaign will address,” says John. 

Advocating a solutions-based campaign and a history of activism, John holds a tremendous amount of hope for the future as citizens look towards action instead of empty promises. “Ideas are one thing, and concrete action is another,” says John. “It’s time that we step up and start making things happen. It’s what voters deserve. We cannot stand by and allow our societal systems to crumble because that is when they fail the people.”

A​n international tax lawyer and founder of Castro & Co., John is also an author and expert in entrepreneurial law.  Born in Kaiserslautern, Germany, while his father was stationed there with the US Army, John grew up in a strict military household and understands how solutions impact communities. “When you grow up in the military, you learn how important it is to take care of each other and build thriving communities,” explains John. “My background fuels so much of my purpose and my platform in politics.”

J​ohn’s election campaign is shaking things up across the country as he fearlessly tackles issues many Republicans avoid.  John is optimistic and believes that a bright future is on the horizon.  John Anthony Castro is building a compelling campaign with a solutions-based approach at its core. 

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