Employees are an important asset of any organization. They complete the organization, just like the molecules and atoms do for any matter. Their productivity constitutes the accomplishment of the company’s goals and objectives. Nevertheless, this productivity tends to fluctuate in times of pressure and external forces. To combat that, companies provide a healthy environment for the employees. These are directly in line with boosting the employee’s morale and productivity while ensuring retention.

With that in mind, a lot of companies focus their attention on enhancing the work environments. This keeps productivity and wellness in check. To do so, some companies incorporate new reforms. In other instances, governments bring a change, like the new UAE Labour Law 2022. This aims at strengthening the employment sector, empowering women, and bridging the public/private sector together. Companies and economies continue to do so to enjoy productivity levels.

Here is a look at some of the ways that ensure optimum employee productivity:

Well-lit Rooms

Rooms and office spaces must be well-lit. Workspaces with poor illumination can cause unnecessary and unwelcome strain on the eyes, reducing productivity. Dim lighting can also lead to tripping and falling hazards, which can be fatal.

In more stressful work conditions, poor lighting is linked to a variety of other issues such as eye strain, migraines, and anxiety. Because we spend so much of our time indoors, there is evidence that a lack of natural sunlight damages both the body and the mind.

Efficiency Relates to Growth

Workplace processes are equally important in the smooth working of any organization. The incorporation of total quality management, allows the businesses to identify more improvements and optimize growth. It minimizes growth, maximizes outputs, improves efficiency and competitiveness in the marketplace. Thereby, resonating growth as it helps the business move up the ladder of success.

Workplace Hygiene

People’s ability to focus on their work suffers as a result of poor hygienic standards, which also contribute towards a negative outlook. A messy or disorganized office turns off potential clients. When people walk into your office, they get an instant sense of the culture there, and bad first impressions do more harm than good.

Nevertheless, hygiene remains an essential selling factor of any office. In the post-pandemic world, the standard of hygiene and cleanliness has been maintained at an extremely high level. These germs, which can carry high amounts of viruses and bacteria, tend to proliferate and transfer swiftly in shared workspaces and facilities. Therefore, hygiene is a must!

Managing Stress and Work Pressures

A stressed-out workforce can harm your business. Your staff may lose motivation, become involved in disagreements, and struggle to complete their jobs. Work-related stress is known to cause poor mental attention, sleep deprivation, and weariness. Incorporation of measures must be taken to reduce these demanding work situations so that employees can attain optimum productivity.


Employees are happier and more motivated when they realize they and their work are equally important in a company’s success. Public acknowledgment is all about amplifying employee success and achievement; publicly or in-person. Congratulating employees can be as easy as saying “Well done” or “Good Job.” They work hard to hear these words from their superiors, and you should not be afraid to utter them.

Job Security

Creating job security reaches far beyond then the establishment of a legal contract. It is a positive connection between the employer and the employees and translates into reduced stress levels.

When an employee feels threatened by a lack of job security, their job satisfaction drops. With an uncertain future, the employee is plagued with sentiments of unhappiness and uncertainty, which leads to contempt. Such a threatened feeling causes them to cease putting in the necessary effort to complete projects. With job security and a future ahead, employees have a goal to work towards and achieve the set milestones.

Open Spaces

A crowded workplace can make it miserable to work. Too many employees working in too small places often lead to a reduction in productivity levels. Research shows that overhearing a chat between co-workers can result in a five to ten percent decrease in even the most basic work performance. Experts believe that it takes around 23 minutes to fully regain productivity after an interruption.

Therefore, businesses should ensure there are adequate workspaces, allowing employees to focus on delivering quality content. Minimizing clutter and noise can drastically improve the productivity and performance of the employee.

Wrapping up

With brimming job opportunities, even the best of the best candidates won’t hold long in stressful conditions. Therefore, the companies should make the required changes. An efficient workplace boosts morale and ensures work productivity. All while combating the lethargic and shortcomings and transforming them to achieve organizational growth and success.

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