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Robert’s Rant! Browns Need To Draft DE Myles Garrett No.1 Overall, And Be Done With It! (VIDEO)

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With the 2017 NFL Draft five days away, the Cleveland Browns are once again outsmarting themselves into trying to appease their vocal fan base in selecting Mentor native Mitchell Trubisky No.1 overall.

For the love of Otto Graham and Paul Brown. Don’t do it.

Per a recent report per long-time Browns beat scribe, Mary Kay Cabot, Cleveland is still considering the former Mentor High quarterback at No.1 My simple reaction is that of Homer Simpson doing his legendary “Doh!” facepalm.

As I stated, on my Facebook Live video early Saturday afternoon, per the below, it make NO sense whatsoever for my beloved Dawgs to bypass the clear top overall prospect—in what is widely considered a mediocre-at-best QB class—for a quarterback who is widely expected to be drafted anywhere from No.6 at the earliest to the top of the second round.

Did I fail to mention that he only started 13 games down in North Carolina?


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Posted by Robert D. Cobb on Saturday, April 22, 2017

As the kids like to say, the Browns are thirsty for a quarterback. Sadly, they are also looking very desperate too.

I can understand the fans angst and anxiety over the Browns failing to find a starter, since Bernie Kosar was unceremoniously dumped like a bad habit by Bill Belichick back in that fateful fall of 1993, and that ever since Cleveland has going thru 26 different signal-callers, but to force the franchise to pick someone who is 8-5 in his career, is homerism at it’s worst.

Fans find it easy in falling for a QB in the draft, and automatically assume that one will fix the team’s problems. The point that many seem to miss is that Cleveland’s problems run so deep, are so disjointed and dysfunctional that inserting one will not remedy the franchise’s long-time problems.

Ever since coming back into the league in 1999, Cleveland has been treated by the rest of the NFL as a free/easy game to pad stats and “get numbers” thanks to a perennial porous defense, equally atrocious offense, bad coaching and even worse personnel groupings.

Yes. While I can understand the intent of Cleveland wanting to appear like they would pull the trigger on Trubisky, sadly, it wouldn’t be out of the question for the Browns to actually DO it.

Hopefully, someone in Berea is the actual adult in the Browns war room and prevents the front office from once again shooting itself in the foot.

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