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CLEVELAND, OH – thanks to giving up 37 points in a 37-14 loss to the undefeated Arizona Cardinals, the suddenly suspect Cleveland Browns defense, and not embattled franchise quarterback Baker Mayfield needs to be called into question.

One week after giving up 47 points in Los Angeles in a 47-42 loss to the Chargers, the visitors from The Valley dropped a cactus-sized buttwhooping on the reeling Browns. In their three losses—all against plus-.500 teams—Cleveland has surrendered 39 points a game.

Let me put this is CAPS.


Not to say that the Dawgs aint ready to bite, but they look more like puppies than a team that has so many big names and stars on it such as Myles Garrett, Jadeveon Clowney, Takk McKinley, Denzel Ward, etc.

While it is so easy to swing for the low-hanging fruit like the anti-Cleveland national media does in criticizing Baker Mayfield, who is not looking too hot right now in playing with a torn labrum, he is not the one that allowed DeAndre Hopkins to camp in the back of the endzone like it was Call of Duty Sunday afternoon.

In a mystery that Sherlock Holmes can’t seem to solve, why is it that opposing WR’s are making themselves at home in the Browns secondary? Why is it, that this so-called defensive unit that feasted on the likes of Justin Fields and Kirk Cousins like they were JV choir boys suddenly looking more sus than Squid Game in getting carved up by Justin Herbert and Kyler Murray?

On any given Sunday, one team can beat another. Classic cliché, I know, but to burrow from the late Dennis Green, are the Browns are who we thought they were?

Whatever issues they the Browns have, they better get them cleaned up quick, as you have the longtime nemesis Donkeys—I mean, the Denver Broncos, and the inevitable TV montage reminders of The Drive and The Fumble to needle us with on a short week—followed by a suddenly resurgent Pittsburgh Steelers team coming to town, and a red-hot and dangerous Joe Burrow to face.

And don’t even get me started on Lamar.

With a porous defense that has more issues than Playboy, and the Browns IR beginning to resemble a M.A.S.H. reboot, Cleveland has little time to lick their wounds and drag Mayfield. Hopefully, they can salvage some pride and get right, and fast!


Dawgfather Out!



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